Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Lights On


I went for a walk to the old Shamrock tonight, and nothing much had changed except for the lights. They were on, in all their Christmas glory. Hold on, this is Advent, but they hadn't got the memo.

Still, the Holy Family, and I like that. Mary, Joseph and the infant Christ. There it is, salvation, come into the world. Beautiful.

The church, on the other hand, looked a bit shaky. We must hope that'd not be some kind of metaphor. And if it is? Draw the moral as you take it.

God bless,



Dad of Six said...

Love the nativity scene LSP. I wish I saw more of them.

Any thoughts on the Jackson Women’s Health Organization vs. Dobbs case at the Supreme Court? One has to think that if Roberts can't water down the opinion and Casey (or maybe Roe) gets set aside, Moloch will not be pleased. I wonder what will happen to his demonic followers on the Potomac and elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

I'll venture an opinion on their ruling. I don't think they will overturn Roe V Wade but will go with it being illegal after so many weeks or heartbeat. It won't please some people and will mollify the others. They'll toss it to state rights.

LSP said...

Uplifting, DOS, I think.

And I agree with Glasslass. I see a middle ground opinion.

Which is disgraceful. We're as abortionist if not more so than the old Bolsheviks.

LSP said...

I'm with you, Glasslass.