Monday, December 13, 2021

Country Sale Barn #2


I tell you, punters, never a dull moment in LSPland. One minute it's off-world supermodels in Paris and the next you're gazing at an '08 Kubota, waiting for a 20 yard dumpster and getting ready for a  country barn sale.

Yes. Tools, we sell 'em by the box, then there's anchors, welding tables, tool boxes, PVC fittings, jacks, literal buckets full of shovels, axes and picks. To say nothing of scaffold, dog pens (x5), steel pipe. tin by the yard, copper pipe, power tools and on and on.  Roll up, roll up my friends.

But there's a lot of trash, hence the dumpster which was supposed to arrive at 11 am but didn't, more like 4. But hey, it got there and Jose, with a rambunctious flash of gold dentistry lowered the grey metal beast into position, "Sound like thunder!" And so it did. 

Mission accomplished, he left for Waco and left me to close up shop as mighty hawks swooped down on the fields in search of prey. Ferocious predators! Watch them glide and dive with concentrated ferocity.

Then back to the Compound, where Blue was busy sleeping and all was well with the world. Tomorrow? We shall fill that dumpster.

Your Old Country Sale Barn Pal,


PS. There's great excitement, rightly, in the country about this sale and you're all invited. It's this weekend, Saturday-Sunday. But when you turn up bear in mind, cash on the nail, no "Visa." But people using the code "LSP" get a special 10% discount. Value, eh?


LL said...

I feel so excluded from the virtual sale. Here I was with money burning a hole in my pocket, knowing the secret 10% discount code - and I'm racked by disappointment.

At some point, though, the dumpster is emblematic of our lives. All of our gains end up in the land fill.

LSP said...

Well, LL, chances are we'll be holding a New Year's sale too. So you might get in there.

And I was wondering who'd rise first to the dumpster parable. Man, there's a lot of trash to haul away.

Viz. Gains. Store up treasure in heaven, eh?

Anonymous said...

That is the cleanest and least battered skip I have even seen!

Separate out any unpurchased metal items and weigh it in as scrap. Scrap metal prices are high at the moment.

Also sell drinks to those coming to view - the tea stall makes the largest profit at any boot sale in the UK. If you or your Church cannot run a drinks stall, then sell the rights to run the drink stall for a cut of the profits or a down payment - it will keep Blue in treats for a fair while.

Jealous as hell I am on another continent - I would buy all the axes!

Adrienne said...

Tractor? TRACTOR??? I want the tractor. Do you think I could drive it back to North Idaho?

You've done a marvelous job of organizing, LSP.

Old NFO said...

Concur with Anon... There IS money in that junk. Very nice welding table there, doesn't look like its ever been used!

Dad of Six said...

I am glad Blue Slumber was attending to the important tasks!

My dumpster tale- cleaning out my parents house after my mom's passing and Dad moving in with us. Thought I'd only need a ten yard; went with the twenty as it was only a little more expense. Lady at the waste firm warned me: "Don't fill it any higher than the sides!" "Okay" I replied. Hired a horde of home schoolers to assist on a Saturday to get it all done. After multiple trips to Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity, with siblings and me taking what we were interested in, the dumpster was heaped four feet above the sides in the center. Sheepishly called the lady back on Monday and confessed my sin..."That's okay. The driver doing the pickup will bring a tarp to cover the top."

Wild, wild west said...

Another go on New Years weekend????????

Let's all get up a group and go!

"There's nothing quite like Texas on a Saturday night"

LSP said...

Anon, I was AMAZED at the cleanliness of the skip. And yes, no shortage of scrapping.

Good drinks idea, nice.

And too bad you can't hop on the G6 and visit for a weekend. Oh well, next time, I'll reserve an axe.

LSP said...

Adrienne, it's been quite a deal. Good Lord.

Tractor? Yours. Cash is King. Look up 08 Kubota with around 2400 hours. Hmmmm. Private sale best, obvs.

LSP said...

Oh man, NFO, that's the least of it... think headgate(s), chutes, many, many fence panels and on. Much of it hardly used. The country boys are eager :)

LSP said...

DOS, it's quite a thing, eh?

As it is, I think the 20 yard roll off will do for now but we may need another. Kyrie eleison.

And yes, a NEW YEARS SALE.

Everyone invited. We could shoot skeet to celebrate and have a cookout. What big fun!

LSP said...

Sorry, DOS, conflated your comment with WWW...