Monday, December 6, 2021

Supermodel Apocalypse


I keep getting bombarded from Paris with photos of supermodels, and I had to reply. "Look, I've got a theory and that's all it is, just a theory," went the text from Texas to the Champs Elysee, "Sure, Supermodels are human, we get that, but they're from a different world. They're Off-World." Silence from his arrondissement, so I continued, encouraged.

Look, There's Lots of Them, Zoom in

"These beings are clearly different, they are other, see Soo Joo. So let us suppose their origin lies in a planet with lesser gravity, hence their height. Let us further suppose their planet, rich in gold, orbits several suns and is close to the Galactic Center. They are attracted to bright lights. 

Oh My!

"Let us then suggest that the WYMXN were sent here generations ago, and their descendants are unaware of their origin. But yes, they suffer from Interstellar Displacement Effect (IDE). The symptoms are clear. Low self-esteem, hysteria, a constant need for reassurance, 'Yes, you are beautiful...' and on. I take silence to mean 'yes.'"

Soo Joo

Though silence is golden, my friend replied, "You may well be onto something." A moment of reflection. "Are they victims of an as yet unknown aggressor, perhaps genetically traumatized, hence various... disorders. But look, this is only a theory, and with it the question turns. Will the AGGRESSORS follow the WYMXN to earth?


"Man, you're on the front lines of the Eschaton. I salute your courage." And I do, the Apocalypse shall fall like a thief in the night, at an hour, place and time we least suspect. 

And as always, 

Ad Astra,



Kid said...

I've never been attracted to women that are 'commercially good looking. I much prefer down to Earth natural. Don't care for lots of makeup and definitely not the girls with the soccer balls glued to their chest.

RHT447 said...

I am reminded of the ending line in the movie "The Devil's Advocate"--

"Vanity. My favorite sin."

Thus endeth the lesson.

Baby sitting nine month grandson today. Typing this early before I have finished my first cuppa joe entails it's own risks.

Ritchie said...

It takes a lot of work to look that natural-for various values of natural.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

+1 Kid.

Paul M said...

Undoubtedly there are natural beauties who need little help in the appearance department, but most of those we see in the media are all smoke and mirrors. Saw a short clip elsewhere of an actress doing her "vanity pose" in the buff on her stomach (because they can't help themselves in promoting the personal brand.) Pose was a side view of form, which was "fair to midland", nothing to write home about. The clip then showed the extensive Photoshop work done thereafter, extending lower legs, hair, body contouring. Would never recognize this person on the street in a sweatshirt and jeans.

LSP said...

I'm with you Kid, but I will say this. Models seem to be a different BREED. That's not some kind of value judgement, just a thing. I think it's hard to be attracted to a being from a different planet.

LSP said...

Wow, RHT, that's one of my fave films, it really is. OUTSTANDING satanic monologue at the end, eh?

Congrats on the grandson!

LSP said...

I can only imagine, Ritchie, no kidding. Mind you, trusted sources tell me Soo Joo's alright. But man, what am industry...

LSP said...

Same, WSF.

LSP said...

It's weird, Paul. I've met some who have off-world beauty, so much so that they're clearly... different. I'd imagine that'd be a cross to bear, then there's the photoshop brigade, that's another thing again and let's not forget the crossover.

But as above, what a weird industry! Glad I went down a different path, obviously, but respect my musical friend. Well done.

Wild, wild west said...

The Kid is wise beyond his years, and a man after my own heart.

You can't fake real and while you can gussy it up, you can't improve it.

LL said...

sodomite males design clothes to hang on the idyllic models of the NWO elite.

LSP said...

Can't improve on that, WWW.

LSP said...

Mr. LL, I've long suspected that the fashion industry was a joke played upon women by homosexualists.

As you note, that doesn't make the WYMXN bad, just different.

Beans said...

Worse, it's not that they're from another world, it's because the Gays have taken over fashion.

Coco Chanel made clothes that looked good on females.

Most designers today? Make clothes that look good on boys and young men. Which is why most models look like or have the body shape of... boys and young men.

Like, well, Twiggy. The epitome of high gay fashion model. A wasted body that is not sexual at all. Now, for fun, go look up photos of Twiggy once she left the model industry (which it is, taking young girls and making them look like asexual boys and men.) Suddenly Twiggy, once she stopped restricting her food intake from below starvation levels, put on nice curves and got bosomy and hippy and became a 'real' woman.

Fashion models aren't from another world. Nope. They are starved slaves, put on the auction block and held up as the 'proper' look for females.

Which is why my wife and I shop for her clothes at Torrid and Avenue and other not-skinny-girl fashion houses. Good fashions that make women look womanly and beautiful (unlike other brands that try to hide everything.)

LSP said...

Beans, there's a lot to conjure with in your comment and I agree, fashion industry as homosexual play on women? I'm no expert but, errrr, yes. Which brings us back to my theory. Looks like we've id'd the AGGRESSORS.

Also, and without getting down in the weeds, it seems to me that we're dealing with two different sets of creatures, the starved slave and the supermodel. Sure, there's a crossover, but perhaps the latter's closer to original off-world stock?

With deference to CC, I have it on good critical authority that Soo Joo's "cool" and "good to work with." So yes, there's hope in this.

Shopping for clothes? For me that's mostly Walmart and TSC these days. Must revisit the dam tailor :)