Thursday, December 23, 2021

Christmas Comes Early!


Well, for the Compound, which got the Christmas gift of a band new Luxaire HVAC system. The old unit, a Carrier, had soldiered on for thirty years and then died. "No big deal," said Craig the camouflaged air tech, "You can always wrap up in a blanket, right?" 

Good Dog

"Yes," I replied with a grin, "or a space heater." We laughed and for a fact, Climate Change is weighing in at a Californian *80, so it's not mission critical. Still, what will tomorrow bring? It may bring rain or it may bring snow. That in mind, it's good to know we've got it covered. In the meanwhile, Blue takes it easy, as an old gentleman should.

In other news, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justsin Welby, is telling the world that not getting jabbed with an experimental gene serum is anti-Christian because getting the vax is an act of love and concern for your fellow persyns.

Archbishop Vigano calls this ecclesial kowtowing to secular power Deep Church, a willing accomplice to the Deep State. Note that both are apparently godless, the one apostate and the other professedly atheist, they believe "the science."

But who's behind the strangely deceitful science of vaccines which don't vaccinate you and the sheer lie that biology has nothing whatsoever to do with whether you're a woman or a man.

Don't say Baphomet.

Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux,



Wild, wild west said...

Justsin (I saw what you did there, BTW) looks a bit like The Fauch wearing a dolphin hat, yes? And of course, two masks, how chic. Thomas Becket would be SO proud.

RHT447 said...

Well, cool. (Sorry, it was just too easy). Ah yes, the weather in Texas, where you can get a tan putting up your outside Christmas lights (which I did this year) and scrape the frost off your windshield the following morning.

Our first summer here, our A/C quit on a 100 degree day. Outfit for Home Warranty company (lowest bidder) said they could arrive in three days. Right. I hop on Yootoob
and learn about capacitors. Oh look, there's a guy working a unit identical to ours. So I pull the lid off ours and sure enough, there's the capacitor. Oh look, the orange wire is burned off. Off the Ace Hardware for a new connector, cut the wire back to fresh copper, and we're up and running.

The old system was dated 1999, and we have since replaced with a Trane.

All of which brings up another reason for me to smile, having moved to Texas from Kalifornia. Our current power contract (that we shopped for) is with Reliant. 5.6 cents per kWh, locked in for three years.

Merry Christmas to you and your flock, LSP.

LL said...

It's a long way from Jesus Christ to Justin Welby, who has declared himself to be an atheist of sorts. In practice and application, he and his acolytes would be well known to the Savior when he walked the Earth "whited sepulchers." Justin might recognize himself and his place. It was that very class of people who cheered on the Roman auxiliaries who pounded the nails into the old rugged cross. Likely they celebrated the event with some sort of orgy. I wasn't there, so I don't know for sure, but I'm sure that their successors would follow the pattern that we've seen before.

We've also seen their failure when the besotted wino, Hillary, drank herself into a stupor at her loss. After that epic fail, the deep state resolved to simply install some weak loser they could control.

I'm still in one piece, LSP, waiting for Christmas, tomorrow.

Kid said...

Good looking unit. So, that's one down for a while.

Blue seems satisfied with the install.

I hope your home is all joy and warm this Christmas LSP. And heck, the rest of you folks too.

LSP said...

And with thy spirit, Kid. Merry Christmas!

LSP said...

Good to hear you're hanging in there, LL.

Then there's Justsin. Note his double mask.

LSP said...

Merry Christmas, RHT! And Reliant seems a good way to go, we use them too. In the meanwhile, no need for heat, it being December 25 in Tejas...

LSP said...

All about the DOUBLE MASK, WWW.

Kyrie, I used to pray at Becket's *shrine when I was a kid at school. As the song says, "we took the wrong step years ago."

Still, Christus Incarnatus Est! All the Welbys in the world can't take that away :)

BadFrog said...

Welby is an unrelenting pillock. The Church of England overlooked an outstanding man in Jonathan Sentamu, a man who is full of the joy of Christ and life.

LSP said...

I agree, BF, Welby's an unrelenting pillock. Are you absolutely sure of Sentamu?