Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Masked Fool


Behold the face of brave, fearless, visionary, speaking truth to power Anglicanism today. There it is, mask up, serfs, from Archbishop on down, otherwise you too might live free from fear of a deadly virus which kills maybe 0.27% of the people it infects.

"Man," I told C the HVAC guy this morning, "It's like we've been driven collectively insane. By Satan." He pondered this as we looked out at the Compound's perimeter (Abbott St.). 

"You know, I was at a funeral a few months back, at the Methodist church, 1st Methodist, and the pastor wouldn't even shake my sister's hand, even give her a hug. 'I'm sorry, CDC guidelines, I cannot come any closer to you.' I told that worthless POS if he even spoke to her again there'd be hell to pay."


I thought about this, "You mean the skinny little Methodee? I know him."

"Yeah, that's him. Red haired streak of..."

"He's lib, they believe this garbage. They really do. The Church should provide leadership, fearless leadership."

"Right on, brother. Shot some black powder yesterday, felt good."


C fixed me with camo-rimmed glasses and Realtree shirt, that much of him was invisible, and we grinned. "Black powder, stick it to the Man. And while we're at it, come on in and help out at the Missions, we don't wear masks."

Unlike Welby, whose pathetic ASA (average Sunday Attendance) is plummeting. Is this Providence in action?




RHT447 said...

"Behold the face of brave, fearless,..."

I wonder how he would have fared here--


As I type this, my trust Thompson/Center Hawken hangs on the wall to my left. I found it sitting used in a gun store in Klamath Falls, OR sometime in the late 70's. It is an early model with a four digit serial number and case hardened trigger guard (not brass). 46 inches of 50 caliber goodness that will take down anything that walks this continent.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Please pardon the language. This is what happens in any organization when REMFs rise to positions of authority. They are not necessarily bad, they have just played it safe their whole lives and can't comprehend anyone who isn't like them.

Who was it who sold out Jesus? Wasn't it the entrenched priests and not the Romans?

LSP said...

What a great 50, RHT, jealous!

LSP said...

Yes, WSF, and his own friend, Judas, which makes the whole thing all the more terrifying.

No prob with the language, you're being polite!