Sunday, December 26, 2021

Boxing Day


It's Boxing Day and the sun shines with balmy light as dogs bark, roosters crow and sparrows and squirrels fight with animal intensity, a feathered, furred apocalypse. All the while Navidad fills the air. I like that and so does Eduardo, who tips up massively felix, asking for a blessing.

"Padre! Bendición!" which is exactly what he gets, miraculously failing to fall off the porch. Brandy?, perhaps, and I ask myself, "What is this, some kind of comedy Tijuana problem farm?" But I can't complain.

Christmas day was easy, fun and came complete with a delicious prime rib. Man that was tasty and cooked just right, to medium rare awesomeness. Beef for Christmas? Yes please, and what great leftovers for a Boxing Day feast.

That in mind,  why aren't unmasked revelers dropping dead here? Is this bucolic fraction of Texan country  immune from the killer Bat Bug? Maybe so, but the Diocese of Quebec clearly isn't, which is why they shut down Christmas worship, along with the ACoC Diocese of Niagara and many more. 


Why, we have to ask, is the deadly virus so much much deadly in these places than it is in Texas or Florida or, for that matter, in our migrating guests. They, you understand, can enter the country without mask, vax or anything else, unlike us. It's the same with postal workers, they're immune and don't have to get vaxxed, but soldiers do, because they're so much more clearly at risk than posties.

In the spirit of Boxing Day, I call BS on this freakish, pugnacious medico-mengele, tyranno-fest of lies chicanery, corruption, greed, smuggery, deceit, vote-dogging skulduggery and malfeasance. Enough, when you think on it, to confuse the very elect.

Stand Fast,



Wild, wild west said...

RE: the Diocese of Quebec. Texans, whether Native(TM) or naturalized such as yourself, Rev., pursuant to legislation passed by the Texas State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Sam Houston lo these many years ago, are obliged to not care how they run cattle Up North or whatever else it is they do up there, and Canada is surely Up North, eh?

Some would say that this story is not strictly true, but, it is true that it is a story and, if it isn't true, it certainly should have been.

LSP said...

I like that a lot, WWW.

But maybe I'm native? My mother's people helped pioneer Denton. Mind you, she married a Yankee(!) and I was raised in England. Hmmmm.

Wild, wild west said...

Ooopsie! Sorry, I wasn't aware of that, but there you go. Those are better credentials than many in the Texas Revolution had. Considering that Bowie, Crockett, Travis, Bonham and most of the rest of the people martyred at the Alamo were not born in the Mexican state of Tejas, and Sam Houston and Stephen F. were hatched elsewhere too, I'd say that was plenty good enough!

LSP said...

To be fair, WWW, it's very confusing. I was once introduced at some party on the East Coast as, "This is LSP, who speaks like an Englishman even though he is, in fact, an American." Dry Martinis all 'round and I had to resist the urge to bellow, "NO. TEXAN."