Friday, February 21, 2020

Behold Bloomberg Genius

Billionaire Mini-Mike Bloomberg isn't just paying for cringey text memes on Instagram, he's taking out ads on billboards. Look, here's one.

Uh Huh, 45's Doomed

Here's another. 

And Now he's totally doomed, thanks to Mini's genius PR

Wow, 45's doomed. As you reflect on the sheer PR genius of Mini's campaign, stop and ask yourself why the Left can't meme.

It's weird, they've all been to art school, they're all super creative, they read the New York Times so they're obviously amazingly smart, and Mammon knows they've got the cash. Oh yes, in plenty. Maybe this helpful infovideo illustrates the blindingly obvious point.

So much money, Mini's got $60 billion alone, but they fall weirdly, jarringly short. Strange, right, could it be because these people have sold their souls to Satan? 

Before you accuse the editorial staff at the Compound of sensationalist hyperbole, consider this. Every single one of the Democrat candidates for the presidency is in favor of abortion up to the point of birth, possibly beyond.

Perhaps it's hard to enlist humor in defense of the grinding evil of such a platform. D'ye think? In the meanwhile, congrats to Something Wicked.




Well Seasoned Fool said...

Two mail pieces in my mail box today from his campaign. One a flyer, one a letter in an envelope. Both went in the circular file unread.

Kid said...

If America votes for this...

LL said...

$60 billion or even half that amount will buy you a lot of advertising. The question is one of people's bullshit filters. I think that many people have self-immunized from that drivel.

Kid said...

Makes me wish I was in the Ad business....

Check me out on this LSP. We can see that the dems are pandering to the niche groups: lgblabla, baby killers, communists and socialists, and In my view these topics seem to be front and center on the "news" because news always wants to be about "man bites dog", But these groups only take up a very small % of the population. Are the dems this stupid? I think Yes.

If I were running for office of any kind I would try to appeal to the majority and the above ain't it.

Fredd said...

Remember, The Donald spent less than half of what the Old Crone spent in 2015/16. There is only so much advertising that can make an excrement sandwich look appealing. This stubby little arrogant rich bastard has no charisma whatsoever. None. I bet he couldn't fill a DIV 2A high school gym with supporters, much less a stadium.

LSP said...

WSF, surprised you didn't chuck 'em in the fire.

LSP said...

I know, Kid, ye Gods.

LSP said...

I think you're right, LL. Then again, the filter doesn't have to be too strong to see through Mini's box-standing performance. The CRONE was far more polished and believable, if you've let yourself be deceived by Satan.

LSP said...

I think you're right on, Kid. We see this in the church, for example.

"No one will take us seriously if we don't have trans bishops!!!" Said the PR firm ecclesiastics pandering to the 0.03% or whatever of the people. Of course this hits the news because it's still, even now, radical and "counter cultural."

But not really, this risible absurdity's become the dominant/media orthodoxy and as you suggest, it only holds in the bi-coastal, degenerate echo chamber.

Not a good strategy for winning elections unless you have an army onside.

LSP said...

Fredd, I was struck by "stubby little arrogant rich bastard" and may have to quote you. I mean, ffs, really, it's come to this?

Mini makes the CRONE seem like a pro, which she is. That makes her defeat all the better in my eyes. And yes, you can indict a ham sandwich.