Sunday, February 2, 2020

Behold The Face Of Streatham Jihad

Here he is, Sudesh Amman, who went full Jihad in South London today before being shot dead on Streatham High Street.

Amman went on a knife rampage in downtown Streatham on Sunday injuring two people, only two days after being released from jail where he'd served half of a three year sentence for terrorist activity. The Muslim savage was gunned down by police who reacted swiftly because Amman was under surveillance.

Video on social media shows the crazed Islamic knifeman being shot by plainclothes police as he lies flailing on the ground; he was wearing a suicide vest which turned out to be fake. Well done, Officers, not so well done UK criminal justice system.

Why, we want to know, are Jihad killers being released early from jail? For that matter, why are they being released at all? Everyone can imagine other solutions which don't involve innocent people having to suffer random atrocity because of misguided tolerance towards the Religion of Peace. A religion, lest we forget, which was founded in war, rape, and murder.

Will this latest act of Muslim terrorism in London wake people up to the nature of the conflict that's upon them? Or will the usual suspects shriek "Islamophobia!" while the Rainbow Met guard London's mosques with a ring of diversity tasers and the multicultural knife jihad continues?

That remains to be seen but you know what they said, Brexit will never happen.




LL said...

First, Brexit

Second, Dealing with the jihadis - many of whom entered the UK under EU rules.

Kid said...

Soon to be happening in New York.

Jim said...

They are savages and deserve to treated that way.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Good to see some British police are armed (and competent).

Dad of Six said...

What an ugly mug shot!

Perhaps our esteemed host can put together a Melania Monday as a counter balance?