Monday, February 17, 2020

The Grand Marshal

They came at him with the polls, only a fool would think he'd be president. They came at him with Mueller, Brennan, McCabe, Comey and all the apparatus of the deep state swamp and its puppet media. They came at him again with impeachment, and guess what. They lost, he won, and took a well deserved victory lap at the Daytona 500.

It started off with an Air Force One flyby for the benefit of all those flyover country people, who thunderously cheered, and go figure. 45 has their back, he's working without pay to bring jobs, business, prosperity and pride back to a country that's been gutted by transnational elite asset-strippers, and their bought and paid for bi-coastal, millionaire socialist elite shills.

Our Grand Marshal summed up the effort as he started the race, Gentlemen, start your engines. Then he climbed into the Beast with America's popular and glamorous First Lady for a few laps around the track. 

Yes, a triumph. For 45, for Nascar, for ordinary Americans everywhere who love their country and stubbornly cling to their God, guns and freedom. Well done, Mr. President, we salute you.

Then there's Mini-Mike, he wants to be president too, here's a promo video:

But maybe Little Mermaid's better?

Like, what? Mini-Mike, what's wrong with you. Punters, I'm not a betting man but I'll wager the fighting monkey on Landslide 2020.

Your Friend,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

(P)regressive heads are exploding. Well done, Mr. President!

Fredd said...

Nope, not taking that bet. I'll take Trump and his deplorable irredeemable multitudes over Mini Mike and all of that grey matter of his minions (not to mention his 60 Billion dollars), I suspect he will not get the Dem tap; he's just not very likable.

Mini Mike has insulted just about every serious constituency out there: women, farmers, gun owners, you know, The Great Unwashed. Not exactly the stuff of a movement.

Brig said...

Yay, for the President that supports his people: the hard working people that feed clothe, and pray for our country. MAGA

LL said...

Bloomberg is a buffoon.

RHT447 said...

What a MAGA-nificent victory lap for America. Yes, well done, Mr. President!

Mean while over at CW's place, it seems that a couple Bernie staffers had a rousing argument over the seating arrangements. Or something--

drjim said...

Yep, he's got our back, and "those people" in the stands know it, and love it.

And the young lady that sang our National Anthem knocked it outta the park!

Well done, all around.

And prayers for Ryan Newman, who suffered an enormous crash, and had to be airlifted out.

Kid said...

That ws pretty cool for DJT to do. I'll bet the dems loved it.

Mike has no chance. None of them have any chance.

gL said...

He managed to attend the worst race in the history of motorsport, perfect as it's very average and easily understood.

Well there is some skill, I guess; Jump in an oversized heap, smash on the gas and turn left every quarter mile. How very Midwestern skill set.

I must say Michael, I mean Mr Starr-Parson, you really are a genius at hiding your false indoctrination into American culture.

Dr. Swankenstein said...

LSP's love for this country is neither false, nor indoctrination. He is an immigrant who respects everything about this country, whilst you loathe everything about the vulgarian underclass that exists between the coasts. Odd that you yourself live in flyover country in a #shithole city and have effete elitist attitudes, you are a blue collar guy that thinks he is educated and informed because he heads the Sunday edition on the NYT? You flunked out of art school 30 years ago and think that you are superior to the credulous boomer rubes. If anything, you are far inferior to the people who are the true backbone of our great nation. Put your money where your mouth is, and move to the coasts, or better yet, somewhere in the European Union.

LSP said...

I say gL, have you been drinking? Everyone knows my name's Lone Star Parson or "LSP" for short. Not "Mr Starr-Parson."

That aside, have you read the novel "Nobody Likes an Appalling Snob" or it's sequel "Captain Snooks Falls on His Decrumber."

Instructive, what?

But seriously, how do the Dems hope to get the vote of people they despise and scorn?

LSP said...

Kid, Mary Poppins was telling.

Kid said...

Note to the anti-Trumpers....

-So, you want the 7 million people that Trump's tax cuts and most of all reduced regulations, put back to work giving them a chance to make their lives and the lives of their families better put back out of work because of democrat policies. K - got it. I thought you were for the little guy but guess I was wrong.

-So, you want to eliminate DJT's trade deals so that many billions of $$ can leave America for China, Mexico, and Canada to never be seen again by Americans. K - got it.

-So, you want to have 99% of the federal government to be returned to an environment of total corruption, theft, and immunity from crimes that would otherwise put You as a private citizen in jail for the rest of your life? K - Got it.

You'd like to reverse all of this - - K - got it.

Have you noticed that the UK's dumpster fire of a health system (NHS) has recently decided to deny health care to those they dem as "racist" or "homophobic" and you want that here ? K - got it.

You people have a mental disease. You haven't the slightest crumb to stand on to claim the 'higher ground'.

Apparently, there really is no limit to human stupidity.

You know, Hilariously - if you get everything you want, you will find yourselves so abused by government that you'll probably commit suicide because neither your parents or you educators prepared you in the slightest for real life.

Insert profanity where necessary.

LSP said...

drjim, our Grand Marshal did well, no doubt about it.


LSP said...

RHSM, you've forgotten Mountebank?

I know, Buffoon compliments skulduggery and pastry chef.

LSP said...

RHT, nothing quite like a good dose of lib tolerance and thx for the link. In the meanwhile, what a VICTORY LAP.

LSP said...

Fredd, I'll wager the fighting monkey against your ham sandwich that you're right on this bet. Not that i have a BOAT, which I don't.

LSP said...

WSF, I thought it a TRIUMPH.

LSP said...

Kid, excelsior!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Swankenstein

"reads" not "heads," obvs.

LSP said...

Noted, Herr Doktor.

gL said...

I do so wish Marc, I mean Mr Stein and his ilk would stop pretending to love and defend the lower and lower middle classes. It smacks so badly of hypocrisy and shame.

Art School forever.

gL said...

Ser though. Hopefully the ghettos of St Paul are treating Swanky well. He left our fabled Detroit just as the getting was good and the city was getting great.