Wednesday, February 5, 2020

What A Week Of Winning

What a week it's been, unless you're a Democrat. It started off with the Iowa caucus, which degenerated into a risible shambles with the DNC failing to pin a leader on the donkey because it couldn't count votes. All because of some useless and unworkable Soros funded "app," evidently. On the other hand, 45 emerged as an uncontested winner.

And that continued with last night's State of the Union address. What was supposed to be an embarrassing humiliation for a disgraced president waiting to be kicked out of office turned into the opposite, a Trumpian tour de force triumph. By contrast, Pelosi summed up the ethos of her party as she ripped up the president's speech - petty, mean, vindictive and somehow unhinged. America wasn't impressed.

Then today another victory, as Trump was acquitted in the Senate on both counts of impeachment. And go figure, he hadn't actually done anything wrong except beat Hillary Clinton in an election. Pierre Delecto, aka Mittens Romney, didn't see it that way and voted with the opposition. Let's see how well that works out for him in Utah.

There it is, three wins in as many days and yet again, remember Mueller Time?, another Deep State, Democrat, media-driven coup attempt flounders, capsizes and sinks into the icy waters of ignominy, turpitude and defeat.

At this rate we have to ask, are the Democrats trying to lose? 




RHT447 said...

"...are the Democrats trying to lose?"

Indeed. That is the genius of Trump. He is playing chess, leaving the way open for the Dems to self destruct in front of the cameras, while they play tic-tact-toe.

The Egyptian said...

DJT reminds me of the guy with the lazer pointer driving the cat NUTS, Here Kitty Kitty Kitty, jump, run make a fool of yourself, nice Kitty. And he's have a ball doing it
Great Man

Kid said...

I HAVE to think (regardless of personal bias confirmation) that the dems will suffer an epic (a word I never use) defeat in November.

I can't wait.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Pelosi, et al, have been having their way for decades. Along comes an outsider, not of the political "tribes", and they can't deal with it. As to Romney, plays the role of the "loyal opposition" (The Mouse That Roared).

Jim said...

Likely the donkeys would do better if they tried running some adults.

Anonymous said...

The Left is dead and like all dinosaurs the fact that it is dead takes a long time to reach the brain. History has turned. The paradigm has shifted. The old elite is hemorrhaging power and authority. The elite-led Parisian revolt of 1968 is now an ideological busted flush. The Parisian revolt of 2020 is not led by the elite. It has not arisen from the Sorbonne, it has not been hyped by the media or the Universities and is a threat to the globalist left as much as it is a revolt against global capitalism.

The West stands on the brink of a new Philosophical and Intellectual dawn, free from the twin ideological tyrannies of the Post-Modernism and Marxism.

The Democrats like the British Labour Party will be out of power for at least a decade, if not a lot longer. Unless they purge their parties of the extremists, racists and nutters they will remain unelectable. If they cannot be reformed then they are finished as mainstream political parties.

Fredd said...

1. Romney's political career is over after this term.
2. Donald Trump was technically not uncontested in Iowa: Our very own Joe Walsh (R-Il), who was soundly beaten after his first term in the U.S. House by future U.S. senator Tammy Duckworth (D-Hell), is running for the GOP nomination. I am not sure whether he has dropped out of the race by now or not, but he should.

Joe is one of those Utopian conservatives: if everything is not perfectly in accords with conservative politics, it's evil. Donald Trump fits that bill with Joe.

LSP said...

It's a strange, remarkable and terrifying thing, RHT, the implosion of a time-hallowed political party before our very eyes. And brought on by what? A real estate mogul from Queens who likes ketchup on his steak and loves America, who everyone said would lose.

Rock on 45.

LSP said...

It's amazing, Egyptian. I stand back at the greatness.

LSP said...

Kid, I never use the word epic but when it comes to 45 and this week it's surely right on the money.

An EPIC string of victories.

Landslide 2020.

LSP said...

WSF, I don't see Mittens surviving this.

LSP said...

Or maybe some sane people, JIm. Not that I'm judging on that score.

LSP said...

Anon -- I agree with all of that and will quote you. Right on the money and then some.

LSP said...

Thanks, Fredd, I'd forgotten about Walsh. But hey, what a week of winning. Do you remember anything like it?