Saturday, February 22, 2020

Rural America Salutes Bloomberg

Thanks for the accurate infographic, Egyptian. So God made a farmer.

That is all.



LL said...

It's an appropriate salute, but Bloomie doesn't need to buy off the farmers to win.

LSP said...

It seemed apt, LL. Does Bloomberg have a soul?

The Egyptian said...

this is the eulogy i wrote for my Dads funeral a year and a half ago, includes a version of Paul Harvey's piece about farmers, i literally bawled in front of the podium, barely made it through it. Spoiled asshats like bloomie, have no idea who he is insulting and pissing off with his condescending attitude. I believe every farmer and those dependent on farmers ought to send a baggie with several kernels of corn to his campaign headquarters long with a note on were he can "plant" them. The bond between farmers is stronger than any elite can understand especially between generations

will post in second part

Jim said...

It appears Arizona feels much the same.

Kid said...

Well, Bloomie is as big a POS as the beast and 'it' came close. Not this time though. The rules have changed. America now recognizes that successful businessmen (in this case) who really care about Americans can change the game. For the better. Landslide baby.