Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Horror

Yes, the sheer horror of the moment as you contemplate the dark, Devil-inspired plan to turn this small Texan country town into a shamtique mawl. Well it didn't work, thank God, and perhaps the above infographic explains why. The horror.

Speaking of which, note this Wuhan to world flight chart showing air travel out of the coronavirus hotzone before racism took over and restrictions were put in place. Scary? 

I'd say so and so does the World Health Organization, which predicts the deadly weaponized virus will become a "community affair" this year or next. Maybe they're wrong. Whatever, smart people are stockpiling food, ammo and hazmat suits.

In other terrifying news, the traitorous liberal media outlet Drudge Report tells us that Mini Mike - "put him on a box" - Bloomberg's thinking of campaigning with Hillary as Vice President. What can we say, Mini Mike's an incredibly brave little man. 

Could this be the Old Crone's route to the absolute, ultimate, no-holds-barred power she craves and deserves? Watch out, Mini, it's her turn.

Such frightening news, and we haven't even got to the venerable Church of England's apology tour. Therein, readers, hangs another tale. In the meanwhile, here's an uplifting infographic to raise the spirits.

Justice for Juicy!



Kid said...

Way too many tards out there.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Alternate realities?

LL said...

That looks like the cast of the Addams family in that black and white photo showing support

RHT447 said...

Justice, indeed. I think I hear hoof beats---three, mebbe four riders comin'. Hope I'm wrong.

LSP said...

Kid, there surely are. Speaking of which, please resend Deep Purple comment, I stupidly deleted it in a fit of uncoordinated foolishness.

LSP said...

That, WSF, is an excellent question. The evidence suggests there are.

LSP said...

LL, that one didn't age too well. Justice For Juicy!

LSP said...

Sure sounds that way, RHT.