Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Strolling The Deluge

Darkness, thunder, rain. No, this wasn't downtown Aberystwyth in July, it was Texas in February. Climate change experts tell us that if you collect the rainfall here you'll have enough water to last the year, and I believe it. Undaunted by the deluge I left the Compound for a morning stroll.

Stairway To Heaven

Only to see that the Meth Shackers have cleverly built a stairway to heaven; there it is, a ladder to paradise. What happens when you get to the top of the ladder, I asked myself as I gazed at the floral tributes in front of the shack. Who knows, perhaps you ascend, higher.

Meth Shack, Note Beautiful Floral Tributes (stop using "filters." Ed.)

The Pick 'n Steal was open for business but eerily empty apart from an elderly POC playing a slot machine. He's a Nam vet and plays that machine every day; I like him, though we've never really talked. Need to change that.

Pick 'n Steal

One large coffee later I was back on the flooded streets of the bucolic Texan farming community I've called home for the last decade or more, and you know what, I'm not complaining. For me, it beats living in the 'sprawl that is the DFW megacity connurb. You may think differently and that's fine, there's no "rule."

Storm Debris

Back at the Compound, Blue Dog-Faced Pony Soldier curled up on a Moslem rug while I said the Office. He's not buying the "religion of peace" thing. 

"It's obviously not a religion of peace," he tells me, "It was started by a warlord in search of loot, rape and plunder." I accuse him of racism but he just snores. Typical. Next thing you know he'll be banging on about "replacement strategy," asymmetrical warfare, the Kalergi Plan and trying to make me read Mark SteynBut what does he know? He's just a dog. 

Dog-Faced Pony Soldier On A Moslem Rug

In other news, Juicy Smollet's been indicted, 4 prosecutors have fled the Stone case, 45 held a massive rally in New Hampshire, and Biden's campaigning in Iowa again, or something like that. And Britain's deported a load of Jamaicans for being thugs, much to the disgust of the self-loathing white left and their POC friends.

All About The Hat

So there it is. Rain continues to fall and the clay ground of the Compound is pretty much flooded. Blue Deluge is sleeping, God is in his heaven and the Democrats flounder like beached fish after a storm. Is 45 anointed, by God?

Stand firm against evil,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Filling the reservoirs for summer fishing.

robehr orinsky said...

The Bible says that G-d picks the leaders and does what He wants with them . And they do what He picked them to do . I just hope He didn't pick Trump to usher in judgement . Time will tell .

drjim said...

An aluminum ladder, fully extended, propped up next to a tall tree, in a Texas thunderstorm.....the mind boggles.....

Nice sermon, Parson!

Jim said...

I woke up this morning to snow on the ground just when the better half has a doctor's appointment in the city. I'm not looking forward to the drive.

Brig said...

Be safe, I don't trust tweakers one bit.

LindaG said...

That's a good hat for rain.
I believe Trump is God's chosen. And I hope he will be again.

LSP said...


LSP said...

RO -- I agree.

LSP said...

drjim, I was taken aback! But hey, that's Meth Shackers for 'ya.

LSP said...

I remember that kind of thing, Jim, and I have to say I don't miss Calgary winters! Or Detroit/Windsor.

LSP said...

Good advice, Brig. Never had any trouble but there's always a first time; mind you, tend to be armed when I walk by, so.

LSP said...

Linda, aging bloke in a hat! Still, it seemed right for the rain, somehow. And yes, there's something going on; they've come at him with all the apparatus of the State and, pause for effect, nothing. Quite a thing. 4 more years, please.