Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Putin Says No To The Rainbow

Those rascally Russkies are at it again, with former KGB strongman Vladimir Putin refusing to endorse the pansexualist rainbow agenda that's swept through the West like a herd of  gaily rampaging unicorns.

At a discussion on constitutional reform Putin shockingly stated, "We need to clarify some things. A marriage is a union of a man and woman.” The Russian President went on to blast gender neutral parenting:

“As for ‘parent #1’ and ‘parent #2’, I have already publicly said it and I will repeat it once more: as long as I am president, we will not have parents #1 and #2, we will have ‘papa’ and ‘mamma.’”

Putin's strong affirmation of heterosexual gender roles stands in stark contrast to the venerable if shrinking Church of England's Archbishops, who recently apologized to the world for issuing a statement endorsing the Church's universal teaching on human sexuality and marriage.

Here at the Compound we have to ask, is Vladimir Putin the New Constantine?

In Hoc Signo,



LL said...

I hate to say it, but I have a lot more in common with Vladimir Putin than I do with the "woke" homosexuals. You know where Vlad stands on issues and even though he approaches global politics with a "Make Russia Great Again" view, I take a similar view from the other side of the pond except that I'm an American.

Being a white, heterosexual, male, christian, veteran is an indictment in the "woke" culture. Of course, I take a different view of the situation, feeling that the freaks, misfits and sodomites of the woke culture are on the Highway to Hell.

Dad of Six said...

A blunt assessment LL. I hear ya-

Undergroundpewster said...

I wish someone will ask Mayor Pete how he would deal with Vlad given those comments.

Adrienne said...

I think both Trump and Vlad are growing in their knowledge of what's really important. May God bless them both.

I absolutely refuse to discredit or lower my comment by mentioning (again) that I find Vlad rather hot. Nope - not going to do that.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was speaking to a very elderly unrepentant lifelong Communist. He insisted that people were what ever they identified as. Woke Tankies are new one on me. North Korea is marvelous, Stalin did nothing wrong and my pronouns are They/Them. He was less mad when he banged on about Tractor Production in Czechoslovakia.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Even a stopped (analog) clock is right twice a day. Putin is a monster.

Kid said...

Russia is and has been very Christian.

I read today that the UK (NHS) will no longer provide healthcare to "racists" or "homophobes".
(It's probably $$$ based since NHS is a dumpster fire, but still)
How do these morons think that's going to make people more accepting of the homos ?
And how do you prove you're not a homophobe ? Kiss Mr wax my balls in the hospital lobby ?

How about if some leftie doesn't approve of me as a White Male Straight Christian? Can we deny those intolerant pukes healthcare too ? It's getting Too real.

Plus isn't the climate emergency more important that any of this crap ?

I feel a post coming on.

Apologies for any uncomfortable language, but I'm in the mood to fight fire with fire lately.

Ed Bonderenka said...

We need to recover the rainbow.
It is intended to remind us of a promise from God.
There's another promise He made that is predicated on the sin now represented by the rainbow.
It won't be enjoyable.

Jim said...

LL already said what I had in mind only he said it better than I could.

LSP said...

LL, Putin's perfectly clear. He stands for Russia first and trad value over and against the rainbow. I get that and, of course, he's leading a country that's rejected communism. Here in the US we're thinking of giving it a go and Trump says no, much to the fury of latter day Bolsheviks and their millionaire++ sponsors.

LSP said...

DOS, we have to ask, are we more red than Russia? We surely are, not least of the current raft of Dem pols get into power.

LSP said...

That, Pewster, is a very good point. I don't think Mayor "Pete" would get very far in Russia.

LSP said...

Adrienne, some argue that Vlad's got it all going on. And yes, many women find him attractive, unless they're Pussy Riot who got locked up. Another point in Putin's favor.

LSP said...

Anon, have they been driven insane by some strange, evil, spiritual -- i.e. non-material -- force? Satan perhaps? Remember, Baphomet's trans.

LSP said...

I wouldn't want to be on his wrong side, WSF. But he did sort out Pussy Riot, is the broken clock right twice a day?

LSP said...

Kid, sometimes fire with fire is the best way. Go right ahead, post away and use phosphorous as needed.

Remember, the unicorn is a vicious adversary.

LSP said...

Ed, I've been reading through Genesis (Morning Prayer) and couldn't agree more. Thanks, Pride, for destroying a symbol of hope, purity, joy and new life.

Yes, they will have their reward.

LSP said...

Apologies to WSF, Jim, but I think LL puts it well.