Sunday, February 23, 2020

On This Day

Total Respect.



LL said...

The greatest generation.

Kid said...

What a nightmare that was.

Mustang recently posted a good write-up on this.

<a href=">Operation Detachment - Battle For Iwo Jima</a>

LSP said...

Yes indeed, LL. It surely was.

LSP said...

Kid, I've read that history before and I read it again. Words can't express.

On a slightly lighter theme, I knew a man in Dallas some years ago, a modernist architect. We were having a social beer 'round the grill at my parent's place. I noticed a some faded tattoos and that good chunk of his left forearm was missing. "How'd that happen?" I asked, "Guadacanal and Iwo Jima."

He remarried late in life to a woman who collected stuffed toys and they were happy.

Always On Watch said...

God bless our USMC.

LSP said...

AOW, with you all the way.