Saturday, February 22, 2020

Apocalypse China And Everywhere Else

By now we all know the Coronavirus has reached Europe, with some 50,000 people quarantined in Northern Italy. Good luck Lombardy, to say nothing of Iran, Lebanon, South Korea, Japan and everywhere else. This thing obviously isn't contained, but what about here in the US?

Rod Dreher writing at American Conservative quotes, at length, an American doctor whose Chinese wife is keyed into apocalyptic conditions in her homeland, where they're running out of medicine. The doctor slams the "elites" of "both parties" who've "failed and betrayed" us. Read on:

Now: to what is going on in the USA...
And as a physician, the first instances of medication shortages are now happening in earnest. A memo from the hospital’s pharmacy committee arrived yesterday. It specifically named the following drugs – IV antibiotics such as gentamicin, tobramycin and streptomycin – IV drips from the ICU dobutamine, dopamine, and norepinephrine – and the following pill medications – diltiazem, verapamil, amlodipine, losartan, valsartan and irbesartan. Also mentioned were all of the usual narcotic opioids used for pain – morphine, dilaudid, hydrocodone and fentanyl among others. The memo stated that while there was stock in the hospital on all of these at this moment — the intermediate suppliers had sent warnings that supplies were quickly diminishing — and that further supplies from the manufacturer were not going to be reliable into the foreseeable future. Therefore, we were strongly urged to immediately begin making sure that every prescription was appropriate — and to replace it with something else if possible.

Well, some of these things are not replaceable. Some of them are — but with much more dangerous alternatives. And just try doing surgery without morphine — I dare you. All I can say is you have been warned. This is here — this is now and this is real and very likely to get much worse. Shipping all your critical drug manufacturing to another very unreliable country is so dumb that only the elites could have thought of it. And all you snowflakes thinking that we can just magically build factories here immediately — well you are oh so wrong. First of all — manufacturing drugs on a large scale takes immense engineering, and will not be done on a whim. Secondly, when we exported all our manufacturing away, all the jobs went away as well. There is a human know-how that is critical to this kind of enterprise, and that went away when the factories went to China. And it takes years — maybe decades — to get that back. MY FELLOW AMERICANS — YOU HAVE BEEN FAILED AND BETRAYED BY THE ELITES IN BOTH PARTIES – PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND IN THE COMING MONTHS.


You can and should read the whole thing here. Perhaps our traitorous, transnational, Illuminati, tasseled-loafer, club-chair-sitting, Mammon worshiping asset-strippers need to be brought to account. Did I say "nooses down the Mall"? No, you must've imagined it.

In the meanwhile, you are a fool if you haven't at least begun to lay in a month's worth of food, water, and necessary supplies. Look at it this way, if worst comes to worst and the escaped ChiCom bioweapon hits, say, Dallas in the next month you'll be able to eat. If it doesn't, well and good, you can cook up the food and shoot the ammo at leisure.

Pray this doesn't get any more out of hand, more on prepping for the Eschaton as the spirit moves.

Stay safe,



Via Zero:

*South Korea reports 123 new cases, 1 new death
*Italy announces 79 cases, declares "national emergency"; Nothern  Italy put on lockdown.
*Japan cases triple in a week to 121
*Japan confirms "seriously ill" patient in Tokyo
*Hubei reports daily numbers
*Chinese scientists find virus in urine
*Experts propose 27 day quarantine, say 14 days likely not long enough
*Cases outside China go exponential
*32 UK and European citizens arrive back in UK on evac flight
*Outbreak reported in South Korean psychiatric ward
*WHO team visits Wuhan; will give Monday press conference
*Iran reports 10 new cases, deaths climb to 6
*San Diego says 200 under 'medical observation'
*Young woman infected five relatives without ever showing symptoms

*South Korea cases surge 8-fold in 4 days to 433; country reports third death


drjim said...

Massive centralization of production for almost ANY product can cause Bad Things.

There's a major difference between "There's only one place in the world that can make it" and "This is the cheapest place in the world to make it".

With medicines it borders on criminal.

LSP said...

drjim, I think we're dealing with some really evil people. Christ said, "forgive them for they know not what the do." At what point does ignorance or indifference become culpable?

I'd say we're well into the guilty stage of this particular and beastly evolution.

LindaG said...

I was not aware about Italy. Or much of the rest.
Thank you, Parson. May God watch over us.

RHT447 said...

"At what point does ignorance or indifference become culpable?" When they are willful. And that's the thing here. They knew. They have always known. And the butcher's bill always comes due.

LSP said...

Linda, it's not looking good, but you're prob fine in the country. God bless and stay safe.

LSP said...

RHT -- you're right on the money. Well said.

That in mind, I want to see an uprising. Will 45 deliver? Maybe, he wants to, I think, but perhaps it takes immovable forces of nature, like plagues, to bring it on home.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The times we live in is getting more "interesting".

LL said...

My advice to your readers and everyone else is: If you must flee somewhere, go to Texas. Avoid the Arizona mountains at all costs.

LL said...

We haven't heard much from the White House on this. Don't fear the reaper, LSP.

Jim said...

I'm watching this with interest. I'm about an hour outside Kansas City and that's too close.

Kid said...

Well, I don't believe the statistics coming out of the USA. The Johns Hopkins map only shows 15 confirmed cases in the US, and that's even after it was at 15 when 14 confirmed cases from the cruise ship were flown here - on a 747 with many other (100's) healthy passengers separated only by a plastic wall. Air on a plane gets recirculated to the whole plane. Man I'd be livid.
Some things I do believe about this:
- incubation period can be up to 24 days without symptoms but most of those days contagious (how can you stop that?)
- Satellite images of the main area in China show massive burn pits running at 1800 degrees F which 1700 is required for cremation. (2,000+ death? Please..)
- Crematories are working 24/7 in China
- The entirety of China's population is said to be quarantined in their homes.
- The virus can live on smooth surfaces for 9 days. (not sure what smooth vs rough means)
- The virus is airborne and can travel through plumbing
- The virus likely came from a bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, China
- The doctor who originally warned of this disease died of it at 34, so anyone is at risk.
- China trade deal limiting China's economy and the release of this suggests China is culling their population and could care less about the rest of us.
Greta Thunberg put this on us to fight climate change (OK, that one is probably not true.)

LSP, the availability of medicines [lack of] to counter this is probably the best indicator of how widespread this is.
One last note. Don't pop any bubble wrap because the air in it is from China.

drjim said...

Agree with LL, and by all means stay out of Colorado!

LSP said...

They sure are, WSF. No foolin.

LSP said...

LL, you make an excellent point, don't fear the Reaper. I understand this is especially true in the Arizona Highlands where the cold freezes the virus and it's safe. Quite unlike rural Texas, which is warm.

LSP said...

Jim, I'm an hour out of DFW. Way too close.

LSP said...

I'd say things are pretty grim in China and imagine how much worse they'll be now that the population's being ordered back to work.

Viz. Cull -- you have to wonder but perhaps the effect the disease is having on Party loyalty/stability argues against?

I'm no expert, but some say workers at the biolab were in the habit of selling their test animals to local markets to make some extra cash. I could believe that.

LSP said...

drjim, I'm not sure if anywhere's safe apart from the Arizona mountains!


As of noonish today I will have at least six months of every prescription med everyone in the family takes. I already have antibiotics and will be mail-ordering more.

Food? Never mind everything else, enough rice/beans for a pound a day for the whole family... for a year.

Water is the main issue. Fortunately, I am on well water. Unfortunately, I need power to get it... but have a generator. I need to get the propane tanks refilled, and have water storage bladders too. Have to get hopping to fill the gas cans.

What's horrific is that I think I'm underprepared, but I'm better off than 90% of the people.

LSP said...

N -- you're better prepped than I am... well done. But of course we can't be too well sorted. Maybe the next post, after Trump/India acclamation should be "Bug In or Bug Out? Stay Home or go Innawoods?"

Bug in, obvs.