Friday, June 29, 2018

Check Your Privilege

There was a time when this simple mind blog was all about shooting and riding, fishing hardly ever got a look-in. That's because I hardly ever fished. Then everything changed.

Perhaps it was the cost, cheaper than bullets, perhaps it was making up for lost time or maybe it was the sheer, addictive, primal thrill of the drag playing out as some leviathan hits your line. And hey, they're all monsters when your setup's light.

Leviathan Hybrid

Today was no exception, 100* heat at a mystery lake in North Central Texas, and the temperature's no obstacle. Out goes the line, a perch rig, thank you very much. And sure enough, it caught a few Bluegill, some the size of dinner plates.


It also caught a monster mudcat, which fought like the force of nature it was. Massive fish on a light hookup, big fight. All of this to say nothing of a largemouth bass and its massive hybrid cousin.

Decent Little Largemouth

Great fun; good work, perch rig. And with yet another encounter with the piscine adversary it was time to head for home and the Compound.


Did I check my privilege? Oh yes, every step of the way.

Fish on,



LL said...

I will steal the "Triumph" graphic for my own blog, shamelessly and without the slightest remorse.

Having said that, I too feel less remorse hauling fish from the great deep (or shallow as the case may be) than shooting harmless woodland creatures. Feral hawgs are something quite different and their ranks need to be culled regularly. If you fish with the right tackle and set the hook early enough, you can lip hook them and return them to Neptune's domain.

Has the DLC gone maritime for good?

LSP said...

Powerful TRIUMPH infographic, LL, post away!

And you know, with some notable exceptions (porcuswine etc) I don't enjoy shooting harmless creatures. Mind you, I don't say no to venison and meat for the pot.

With fishing you can get plenty of outdoors action as well as tranquillity, and for sure, the adversary can go back to the deep. Most of mine do -- I'm in it for the sport.

The DLC most definitely has a permanent maritime element, and a large one.


LL said...

Your fishing skill is a featured element in tomorrow's installment at Virtual Mirage.

LSP said...

You're kind! And I wish I was an expert, but I'm not very scientific.

Still, trial and error seems to have got me on the fish for the last couple of years.

Go where they are, throw in what they want and boom, connection. Took me a while to work that extremely difficult math out...