Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Yet More Crazy Fishing And A Hogg

You don't know what the water has in store, maybe something, maybe nothing but today it was all frenzied action and pretty much every cast a fish. 

Fish after fish hit my complex, scientific setup; split shot, worm on a #2 baitholder, and 12 Lb test on a cheap Shakespeare Lite-Pro Ugly Stick. And here's the thing.

A light setup's practical because it's sensitive, it's also fun because even a small fish feels like a decent fight and the fight's half the deal. There you are, like Ahab, reeling in the mighty, ahem, Perch. No kidding, on a light rod even a small sunfish feels important.

But today's fish weren't that small. A Gar rose from the depths, snatched the bait and leaped into the air in thrashing, predatorial fury. Time and again, Catfish pounded into the hook, diving deep and strong, rod bent double, drag playing out and fight-on.

That played out for an hour or so before quieting down and an alt-redneck pal came by. "I hear you been tearin' it up!" I replied that I had and promptly caught a Perch and a small Catfish, quod erat, sort of thing.

In other exciting news, the young 'un shot a pig. GOOD WORK, kid. 

Tight Lines,



Adrienne said...

Wow! You guys are staying very, very busy. Big fishies and ugly pig. You aren't going to eat that thing are you?

LL said...

Some hogs are for eating, some hogs are for fertilizing plants and some hogs fear arm wrestling little girls. It's important to know the difference.

LSP said...

I think, Adrienne, that it'll make for good sausage...

Getting very sporting around here!

LSP said...

Excellent point, LL, discernment is key.

And good shot, kid!

Anonymous said...

The kid and a dead hog. That right there is poetic justice.

LSP said...

Shoot the porcine menace, Anon.