Thursday, June 7, 2018

Black Lives Matter

No further comment except to say that Sharpton is a mountebank.

Well done, Kim.




LL said...

Black Lives Matter never cared about stopping the murders in the inner cities nor did they care about the economic welfare of black people. They were a few political shills who used ignorant people to advance their PERSONAL agendas. That's that the progressive left is.

Jim said...

Al Sharpton is all about Al Sharpton. Mountebank is not what I'd call him. I'd likely fall back to a term less positive, what I refer to as "military language." I do, however, make an effort to remain polite.

Adrienne said...

Chicago Year to Date:

Shot & Killed: 180
Shot & Wounded: 943
Total Shot: 1123
Total Homicides: 216

'Nuff said.

I will give Kim props for dressing appropriately and a championing a good cause.

LSP said...

BLM always struck me as a fraud, LL, and now that they're not being supported by the White House they've fizzled. I fail to see how they helped anyone or anything except themselves and that's a shame -- we need to fix our urban hellholes.

LSP said...

I was trying to be polite, Jim! Sharpton, what a huckster. See? Still being polite.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I never thought I'd be in favor of Kim but now, apparently, I am! As for Chicago, different story, although I once enjoyed drinks at the top of the Sears Tower.