Friday, June 8, 2018

The Face Of The Anglican Communion

Thanks to Climate Change, it was cool and springlike this morning, a mere 23* and then BOOM, there it was, the Anglican Communion, parked outside of a Pick 'n Steal in asset stripped rural Texas.

No Driver

No one was driving this car, the driver's seat was empty, but the vehicle had a passenger. You could see it, grinning.

Look, I'm not saying the Worldwide Anglican Non Communion is a driverless yellow car carting about a crew of clowns to the nearest Pick 'n Steal, that's your call.


After taking photos of the Anglican Communion, I went fishing. It was a bit slow, 6 catfish (one BIG), 1 large Bluegill, a bait Perch that nearly caught a Gar and a turtle. 

Little Fella

All went back to fight again another day.

God bless,



LL said...

The clown car is disturbing. I wouldn't put one of my grandkids in it.

The catfish is encouraging and the gar - well ambush predators like that keep you on your toes. Rock on, LSP. P.S. have you ever heard anything from Jennie? How did life work out for her?

Fredd said...

I could be wrong, but wasn't the Anglican church created by Henry VIII to dodge the provisions of the Roman Catholics about divorce?

Seems like a shaky start to any religion.

The Egyptian said...

Is there room for Francis in that silly thing, He'd fit right in.
I'm saying this as a Catholic

LSP said...

The one catfish was a right bull, LL, and snapped the line as I was hauling him onto the pier -- should've used a net.

I haven't heard from Jennie in ages but Brig tells me she's married again, confirmed as an RC and has another child. So that all sounds good. Give Brig a call.

LSP said...

Fredd, there does seem to be a bit of justice in the denomination shaking itself apart over, ahem, sex. Legend has it that when H8 died, his last words were "monks! monks! monks!" Of course he had a fair few of them tortured to death. Then again, it was a fierce age.

LSP said...

Egyptian, I was thinking the very same thing.

Adrienne said...

For you from my friend, Odie (Woodsterman)

LSP said...

Adrienne, that was truly excellent.