Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Gun Girl Kaitlin Challenges Twig Arms Hogg To Arm Wrestle

Kent State gun girl grad, Kaitlin Bennet, has challenged teen anti-gun celebrity, David Hogg, to an arm wrestling match to decide the fate of the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms.

"C'mon twig arms, you win you take our guns, I win we keep the 2nd amendment," tweeted AR10 toting Kaitlin.

Puny leftist Twig Arms Hogg hasn't replied to Gun Girl Kaitlin's challenge. 

Twig Arms Hogg

Now, I'm not a betting man but I'll wager my fighting monkey against any three yes, three, of your priestesses that the 2nd Amendment's safe.

A Typical Gay Cake

In other heartening news, SCOTUS has ruled by a strong 7-2 majority that bakers don't have to make gay cakes. Per Adrienne's Catholic Corner:

Let's get something straight (no pun intended.) Businesses are not refusing to serve people who are homosexual. Christian-owned businesses are simply not wanting to use their art to participate in practices that are clearly wrong. That would include a baker refusing to make a cake with a Nazi symbol on top, or any other offensive depiction.

A Famous Fighting Monkey

Well said, Adrienne.

Gun rights,



LL said...

The Kaitlin vs Hog event should be televised. Pay per view or something with the proceeds going to the NRA.

Hog, whose father is an FBI agent from what I've heard (it figures) is an embarrassment to men everywhere. He might be a hermaphrodite. I'm not saying that he is, only speculating. Give him comfortable shoes and see if he joins lesbians in a liturgical dance maneuver to raise the confidence on the prediction.

Or turn your fighting monkey loose around him and see if he hides behind a woman the way Barack did there on the White House lawn. Remember THAT photo - or the photo of Barack throwing a baseball. No straight guy does those things.

drjim said...

I'm not sure if the SCOTUS decision is significant or not. It's very narrowly written, and is more of a slam against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission than a vindication of religious freedom....

Adrienne said...

Hogg has what I call an eminently punchable face. He's a sour puss beta male.

It bugs me that everyone tends to ignore the fact that in every single case of so-called discrimination, the customers were not denied buying anything off the shelf. They were denied the artistic genius of the baker/florist/photographer's work. And, if I'm not mistaken, they were all referred (nicely) to someone who could fulfill their desires.

In one case they were long term customers of the florist they sued. Having associated heavily with homosexuals (and calling them friends), while both as a hairdresser and a ballroom dance instructor, this is not inconsistent with who they are. Of course, there are exceptions, but generally they tend to be vicious and spiteful. They are also deeply unhappy people which could explain the vicious and spiteful aspect.

Jim said...

I'll place my bets on the lady in that match up. Twig arms. I like it. When I was Hogg's age I was finishing up basic training. I wonder what ol' Drill Sergeant Rolando would think of him. Now there was a man who could drip scorn with the best of them.

LSP said...

Those are all excellent points, LL.

I don't know if Twig Arms Hog (TAH) is transitioning to or from female or if it was born that way, as an hermaphrodite. Good question.

But TAH doesn't seem very popular, its house was swatted today. Can't think why anyone'd be upset with such an upstanding young citizen.

The monkey's grunting and beating a club against the floor as I type this.

LSP said...

True, drjim, but not bad for all that. And just think, Ginsberg won't last forever...

LSP said...

I'd say that's a good argument, Adrienne -- since when did a vendor refusing to work in a certain style count as a crime, except in a dictatorship where thought's policed?

Well, it seems we've nudged right up against that limit, albeit in a pathetically risible, fauxtrage gay way.

"deeply unhappy people"? with exceptions that prove the rule... I'd agree. Curiously, my mother's always said that -- you'd like her a lot; her letterhead says "Champagne, High Mass, No Protestants." Maybe I should order some...

LSP said...

Ah, Jim, Basic.

I don't see Twig Arms Hog doing that and I have to say I didn't find it easy either. I tell my eldest son, who's just graduated and fixing to enlist in July/August (hot!), "Son, make it a matter of stubborn pride that you don't give up, no matter what they do to you."

My fighting monkey's hooting and pounding the floor while I write this. Vicious little beast.

The Night Wind said...

The Billy Jean King/Bobby Riggs match of the 21st Century... I have a feeling that this one would come out about the same way.

I don't know much about Miss Kaitlin, but judging from her picture, I wouldn't mind engaging her in a wrestling match. That would be a little more involved than arm-wrestling, though.

LSP said...

You make an excellent point, Nightwind.