Friday, June 15, 2018

So Very Vulgar

Some smart, cultured, conservative people don't like President Trump and didn't vote for him. Not so much because of what he had to say, like strong borders (Build The Wall), and smaller less corrupt government (Drain The Swamp, Lock Her Up), but because he's "vulgar."

No, This is Not Saudi Arabia

President Trump, vulgar?!? You mean he puts ketchup on his steak and builds GOLDEN TOWERS with his name on them?!? How very vulgar, can't vote for him; so much better to have one of our inside-the-beltway, political class elites run the country. 

You know, the same crew who've been country club asset-stripping the country for a couple of decades.

A Typical Millionaire Socialist

Yes, these conservative intellectual aesthetes effectively preferred Hillary over Trump, even though she was their ideological nemesis. No matter, she wasn't as crude as the Diet Coke drinking, fast food eating, orange Donald.

Then there's the progressive left, they think Trump's vulgar too and unfit to be President. But hold on, Kathy Griffin's "headshot" wasn't vulgar? What about Samantha Bee and Robert De Niro? For that matter, consider the Hillary campaign funded P**gate dossier. Nothing vulgar about that, at all.


And guess what, when faced with the polished MillSoc, bi-coastal elite spectacle of someone like Hillary running the country, the people voted for Trump. Aesthetics bedamned and rightly so.

What, after all, is wrong with an American President promising to put America first by bringing back jobs, lowering taxes, securing the border and cutting parasitical government corruption? For that matter, what's wrong with an American President actually being a patriot?

Sorry, Mittens, You're Not Vulgar Enough

How very vulgar. But sorry, Ivory Tower conservatives and Progleft Elitocracy, the people of America want this country to be great again as opposed to being a subset of a tyrannous New World Order.

That's all and good luck with your "blue wave."




Borepatch said...

This post is so full of win that it's in danger of collapsing into a Black Hole of Win.

LL said...

I don't know how many of your readers have actually stayed at Trump hotels, but they're really nice. I've stayed at them and they're about my favorite chain - based on well thought out rooms, and general comfort. That includes the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas (no gambling, no smoking). The only real flaw in the Trump Hotel - Vegas is the restaurant and it's not very good at all. It's on the small side and you don't see many people eating there.

Approval and critique aside, he's been a first rate president who has been horribly abused by the system and the deep state (and its Illuminati shills). That notwithstanding, he's held his own and has triumphed so far.

I'm looking forward to the return of Melania Mondays.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Vulgar is eating a steak well done. Ketchup? Borders on vulgar.

LSP said...

It's hovering on the event horizon, Borepatch, I have to say.

LSP said...

I've never stayed in one of the hotels, LL, but I think I should.

And for sure, the abuse has been remarkable. Imagine the same crew fawning over Hillary.

Melania Mondays will return.

LSP said...

WSF, I don't understand people who overcook steak. It's a crime.

drjim said...

Bravo, Parson, well said!

I've always used the Trump Tower in Vegas as a landmark.