Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Open The Gate

Sure, open the gate but to what, hog hunting? That was the plan but it fell apart because we went out to catch Bluegill for dinner and couldn't stop.

First Catch Of The Day

H.E. pulled out the first, big as a dinner plate, thank you very much, and they kept on coming, one enormous, piranhalike predator after another. Outstanding fishing, with more than enough and to spare.

Some Old Fool With A Fish

By the time the beasts were filleted, beer batter deep-fried and eaten, delicious, the pig hunting moment had passed. Not to worry, there's plenty of time to get on the porcuswine  in another evolution.

Keepers, The Rest Went Back

The next day, as the fierce Texan sun rose in the morning sky and the rest of the team slumbered, it seemed right to try the waters again. 


First off, a few familiar perch and that was fine, good fun, but you feel the need to change it up. So I went topwater with a torpedo in search of Bass and BANG!

Ho, Ho, Ho! A Bass!

After a few minutes of patient, twitching retrieve, Bass were exploding onto the lure with piscine fury. Big fun but word to the wise. It's tempting, in the initial crash of the predator onto your lure, to try and set the hook. 


Don't, you'll probably lose the fish. Instead, let the beast take the lure, dive down and the fight's yours.


And so it was, I lost a couple and caught a couple. Great sport and I left that compound uplifted in mind, body and spirit. Next time we'll address the hog issue.

The moral of this exciting story? If you miss the hog, get on the fish.

Tight lines,



LL said...

I wondered to myself just today, "What are LSP and the two cadets doing to occupy themselves this summer?"

Now I know!

Jules said...

Does one have to wear diapers when one goes fishing?

Adrienne said...

That's a whole bunch of fish. As long as you guys clean it, I'd be happy to cook it. And I could sure help eat it too.

LSP said...

Juliette, I don't know if Twig Arms even goes fishing but if he did, he might.

LSP said...

Sure was tasty, Adrienne!

LSP said...

Cadet #1 is sorted for the summer, LL, #2 is still in Canada but should be flying out soon, I hope. Then we can all get out in the field.

drjim said...

Holy smokes those are BIG bluegills!

Tasty little critters, aren't they? Used to go fishing for bluegills with my Mom when I was little.

LSP said...

Drjim, they were really large. Sometimes I thought I had a Bass on the line... fried up well.