Sunday, June 10, 2018

Follow The Flag Catch The Fish

Orders are simple. RV (Rendezvous) with friendly forces at a 
secret location, deep in rural Texas. 

Then follow the flag.

And when you do, you catch fish.

There's a moral here, if you care to draw it. In other news, the Grand Commander's accused Canada's Suprema of being "weak" and "dishonest." Other's say there's a "special place in hell" for "backstabbers."

Don't say Little Potato,



LL said...

That's a nice looking bass. I don't know how you get from there to Trudeau, who pulled off a weasel move at the G7 after President Trump left.

Canada has 30 million people (fewer than California, for example) and the US wants free trade - no tariffs. But Canadians want to have tariffs but are angry that the US plans to mirror them. Which is the example that the G7 has of 'unfair trade'. The US is doing what they have been doing and getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar is not fun for them anymore.

There are people who don't like the Confederate Battle Flag, but it clearly marks the way to superior bass fishing. Maybe if Trudeau spent more time fishing and less time hanging with homosexuals, he'd find greater joy in life? Would he trade his rainbow socks for the stars and bars on new socks even if it led to great fishing?

These are questions for the ages.

Jules said...

Always follow the flag. #AllHail #CampWisdom

LSP said...

Very good advice, Jules!

LSP said...

Would Trudeau be happier fishing for bass or at a Pride Parade? Good question, LL.

And sorry, libs. Hands outta the cookie jar.