Tuesday, June 5, 2018

It's An Oven, Get On The Fish

It was a typically chilly Texan 104* and I looked at Blue Climate Change panting in his fur coat, "Perhaps it's time to go fishing, Gar like the heat." 

The dog said nothing, he regards my Gar obsession as foolish. All he's after is a better argument for Sola Scriptura (sorry, dog, fail) and against what he calls "the Abomination of Desolation!" 

Inner Light

No, I tell him. Having a statue of the Blessed Ever Virgin Mary in your church is not a sin against the Holy Spirit or any other kind of idolatry. He refuses to listen and wanders off in search of fried pies.

So much for the dog. I went in search of space and found Gar, lots of them, but only closed the deal on two, along with one miscreant Black Drum and a couple of opportunistic Bluegill. 

Beat The Drum

The Gar, furiously, bit through the line as they were being hauled up to the pier for a photo op. 

Maybe a steel leader is in order.

Beat the Jihad and Build the Wall,



LL said...

Yes, steel leader on gar and barracuda, which is sort of the same thing except that the gar is more prehistoric and lives in fresh water.

LindaG said...

Yup. Steel leader for toothy fish.
You caught a nice little meal. :-)

LSP said...

I've never caught barracuda, LL, though I've looked at them in the Red Sea, years ago. Now I want to catch them.

I've invested in some leaders (2 bucks for 10) and want to get back on the Gar.


LSP said...

A good day out, Linda!