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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Revolution Starts At Chicken Time

Black Lives Matter? Oh yes, especially in Bristol where they threw a brazen Edward Colston into the river, and replaced the racist excrescence with a fiberglass monument to zhir power. But hey, it's all a larf 'til you wake up and playtime's over.

Use your words! Oh my, behold the K-12 voice of the Revolution.

Power to Zhirpeople,


Saturday, May 30, 2020

Dindu Apocalypse - The Morning After

What's it like to live in a city that's deep in the throes of a Dindu Apocalypse? We reached out to our man in Minneapolis, Dr. Swankenstein, to get the news.

The Doktor sent in these photos from his morning constitutional in a nice part of town, where there's no shortage of righteous, leftist activism. Police Abolition Now, demanded the flyers and pavement chalk sloganeers because, you know, when there's no more cops everyone will be free to enjoy "other options."

Like smashing up local businesses, looting stores and torching cars. A whole lot easier if there's no police, eh? But they got something right, the system is guilty, guilty of letting a city get so off the hook that dindu savages can burn it down with impunity. And we know where that goes. 

Businesses shut, working people move out, tax income drops, civic infrastructure falls apart, the police don't bother and hey presto, welcome to Detroit, or Baltimore or any one of a number of America's urban hellholes. Hollowed out wrecks of once prosperous cities, and all run by Democrats. Good work, commies.

And now the Guard's tentatively deployed. Do you think the infamous "system" has authorized them to use force against the savages and their bused-in, revolutionary friends? Probably about as much as it gave the police while their station was being overrun, and I guess this means local businesses and homeowners will have to go RTF (Roof-Top-Korean).

We'll see. In the meanwhile, if you want a balanced report of the George Floyd business go to Virtual Mirage and imagine, while you're at it, how all of this is going to make America vote Anarcho-Marxist Democrat in November. Because nothing's more popular at the polls than a gang of burn-your-city-down looters.

Thanks, Swankenstein, for the short photo essay. Let's see how this nonsense evolves.

Gun Rights,


Friday, June 22, 2018


Do you feel concussed, worn out, weary, fatigued, irascible, ready to snap at any moment? Yes? That's because you're suffering from the debilitating effects of Traumatic Fauxtrage Stress Disorder (TFSD), or "Faux Shock."

TFSD's brought on by relentless barrages of fauxtrage, shrieking cacophanies of faked-up, hysterical moral indignation, pouring down on you like a Stalin Organ in full flood. And it's constant.

A Typical Stalin Pants Organ

Do you remember the faux civil rights movement, Black Lives Matter, and their phony hysteria when thugs got shot by the cops? And the Statues! Cue another salvo from the faux Katyusha. It's all forgotten now but such is the nature of fauxtrage, it's vicious but short lived.

A Typical Katyusha

Then there was the great feminist Grab 'Em Fauxtrage of 2016, quite the barrage, only to be replaced by the foaming-at-the-mouth, Cold War frenzy of Russia hacked the election. Thanks a lot, Putin, for destroying our democracy and putting your spy in the Whitehouse.

Stormy The Prostitute

But that got boring because there wasn't, like, you know, any proof. So the rolling thunder of hysteria moved on to Stormy The Prostitute. Outrage. Sorry, fauxtrage, and it too fizzled like a malfunctioning Soviet rocket. Hunh, fail, back to the drawing board and don't mention Bill Clinton.

Now it's The Children. Trump is a racist, unchristian, child hating, Nazi monster for enacting inhuman, fascist immigration laws. Rockets fire! But, dammit, the laws were put in place by other presidents, and while we're at it, since when did the Planned Parenthood left ever care about children?

A Millionaire Socialist

As in MillSoc (Millionaire Socialist) Peter Fonda, who told social media and the world that 12 year Barron Trump should be "put in a cage with pedophiles." And we won't talk about the millions sacrificed by MillSoc Cecile Richards to demonic Moloch.

So stay tuned, as this latest blast of hysterical anger fizzles away to nothing and's replaced by another frenzied salvo of leftist fauxtrage. But while we're waiting for the faux shock and awe of the next assault, consider this.


The presenting causes of fauxtrage are transparently fake but the anger isn't. The dustbin of history BLM, Statues, Grab 'Em, Russian Collusion, Stormy The Prostitute, Children, all these and more are simply signs or channels.


I'd argue bogus ones at that, but nonetheless emblems of a real inner and spiritual anger. Of an incohate, nihilist rage that seizes on the nearest available thing, no matter how flimsy, to find expression.

Now that's something to fight.

Fish on,


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We Out Like Taliban

After a strangely peaceful Indian summer lull of a few weeks, it seems that America's back to normal, with terrorist attacks that aren't terrorist attacks committed by a Muslim who isn't a Muslim, and a race riot that isn't a race riot cooking off in Charlotte.

"We out like Taliban!" shouted one rioter. No, you're not out like Taliban, you're out like a crew of out of control, ghetto thugs looking for the nearest Walmart to loot. And it looks like they found one.

A Typical Taliban With a Looted Daisy Red Rider BB Gun

As one noted ironist observed, "Walmart looted of flat screens and iPads? #Justice." The cause of the shooting? A black man with a gun was shot by a black policeman with a gun. Which black life mattered most?

You decide.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Black Lives Matter, Brit Style!

The War on Weather took a new turn when London City Airport was brought to a standstill by Black Lives Matter activists who tied themselves to a large tripod, protesting the U.K's "racist climate crisis."

All of the airport BLM protesters were white, prompting one observer to ask if their leader was "Talcum X."

Talcum X, formerly known as Shaun King, is white but also black, and like Rachel Dolezal is a well known "blacktivist."

In similar news, California State University Los Angeles is building segregated housing for black students. 

How many of these will be white is presently unclear, and we have to ask, what next?

Separate seats on the bus?


Monday, August 15, 2016

Milwaukee Cook-Off

Trill Ville

Have you noticed the pattern in our urban hellholes? A thug gets shot by a cop and all the other thugs go on a rampage. Baltimore, Ferguson, wherever, and now Milwaukee.

Where ya goin' with that neat hood, Ja'Kiri? Is that an African name?

Good work, Trill Ville. You pulled your stolen gun on a policeman and now you're dead, and what about the neighborhood. That just got worse too. 

Milwaukee Cook Off

But seriously, the Milwaukee spasm seemed especially nasty, with lots of "whites hunted for beatdowns."

Pull our Pants Up

Does that count as hate crime? It sure would, if the Nike was on the other foot. Ask yourself what that'd look like and as you do, reflect on Team Obama's responsibility. Would any of this be happening if that crew weren't encouraging it.


I doubt it. And have they done anything to fix the problem, and there is one, aside from sloganeering and a tired, in denial, roll out of the policies that helped create the mess in the first place. Fine, go ahead and call thugs looting on behalf of a dead thug "civil rights." Go ahead and do that, but don't be surprised if no one's fooled, except, perhaps, Al Sharpton's bank manager.

Hmmm. Illuminati

In the meanwhile, I called a pal in Detroit last night, "Have you heard, Milwaukee's cooked-off. Better arm up, fella."

Mind how you go,


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lives of the Saints

There's Alton Sterling:

9/09/96 – Aggravated battery
10/31/97 – 2nd degree battery
1/06/98 – Simple battery
5/04/00 – Public intimidation
9/20/00 – Carnal knowledge of a juvenile
9/04/01 – Domestic violence
5/24/05 – Burglary of an inhabited dwelling place
7/11/05 – Receiving stolen things
9/12/05 – Burglary of inhabited dwelling place
3/17/06 – Simple criminal damage to property, simple robbery, simple theft, drug possession, misrepresentation during booking, simple battery, aggravated battery
4/12/06 – Aggravated battery, simple criminal damage to property, disturbing the peace, unauthorized entry
4/04/08 – Domestic abuse battery
6/03/09 – Resisting an officer, drug possession, receiving stolen things, possession of stolen firearm, illegal carrying of a weapon with CDs, sound reproduct without consent
10/12/09 – Illegal carrying of weapon, marijuana possession
8/13/15 – Failure to register as a sex offender
4/08/16 – Failure to register as a sex offender
6/14/16 – Ecstacy and marijuana possession

The last time Alton resisted arrest, a stolen pistol fell out of his pocket. The next time he got shot. Then there's Philando Castile. Unlike Alton, Philando's rap sheet was mostly made up of petty traffic violations, but he was a suspect in an armed robbery.

Philando got shot when his vehicle was stopped and he appeared to reach for a gun on his lap. His passenger, Lavish Diamond Reynolds, cold-bloodedly filmed him bleeding to death. She stands to make a lot of money. So far Lavish and her friends have raised over $200,000 through Go-Fund-Me.

Philando's Gun

Here's a video of Philando with Lavish Diamond Reynolds and her 4 year daughter:

Make of this what you will.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Be Prepared

In the wake of Thursday's terror op in Dallas, some people are cautioning preparedness. What does that look like?

Maybe it looks a bit like a Glock 21. Others are saying that we need to "dream again," dream of a beautiful world with "beautiful people." What does that look like?

How Very Lovely

I'll leave you to decide which option is most effective. In the meanwhile, invest in extra magazines, they might come in handy.

Your Old Friend,


Friday, July 8, 2016

Ride On

As we rode out this afternoon in the searing Texan sun, I reflected on last night's terrorist sniper attack on Dallas LE. Who was to blame, The Man, in the form of Dallas PD's multiracial, underpaid police force? Whoa now, easy girl! Or something else.

Like blatant, brazen lawlessness at the top level of our governance being reflected on our streets. As go the rulers, so go the ruled, with bloody consequence. And for a fact, black race anger has been stoked by the current Administration. "Do not be discouraged," said Attorney General Loretta Lynch to the organization that fueled the Dallas terror attack. 

Would any of this have happened if Black Lives Matter didn't have the support of the state? I doubt it. Inside leg steady, bend the horse 'round the girth. Good girl, ride on.

So the Government's to blame, at least in part; they've encouraged the kind of racial conflict this country hasn't seen since the '60s. But let's go a little bit deeper under the saddle. Who are the people the ruling elite are encouraging, who was really behind Thursday night's cop killing operation. Surely it wasn't the radical revolutionary Left. Sit deep in the saddle, ignore the mad Arab's attempt at mutiny!

What are the RadLeft thinking? That a wave of cop killings across the country, and there's been one, will spark a revolution, which they'll win? Really? Think again, genius brigade. And remember this. 

Pretty much everything the Left does produces the exact opposite of its intended result. Remember womyn bishops? They were going to fill the pews. Hackamore.

Ride on,


Dallas Shooting

Terrorist gunmen killed 5 policemen last night in Downtown Dallas at a Black Lives Matter protest. Their motive was simple. According to one of the gunmen, "Kill all white people," especially police.

Please pray for those who were killed, for their families and for the police.

Oh almighty god, whose great power and wisdom 
embraces the universe,
Watch over all policeman everywhere. 
Protect them from harm in the performance
of their duty to stop crime,
robbery and violence.
We pray, you help them keep our streets and
home safe, day and night. We recommend them to your loving care 
because their duty is dangerous.
Give them strength and courage. Protect these brave men. 
Grant them your almighty protection. 
Unite them safely with their families
after duty has ended.

May the souls of those who were murdered last night rest in peace, and may those responsible for their deaths be brought swiftly to justice.


Monday, June 27, 2016

The Genius of Black Lives Matter

Do you remember the Orlando nightclub shooting, in which Omar Mateen went Jihad on the dancefloor? By way of a refresher, there was a fair bit of head scratching over the massacre; why would anyone do such a thing, asked the press, punditry and rightleft prog elites.

A bit of a conundrum, eh. But not to worry, Black Lives Matter got right down to it and found the culprit and the motive. Via Rod Dreher:

Despite the media’s framing of this as a terrorist attack, we are very clear that this terror is completely homegrown, born from the anti-Black white supremacy, patriarchy and homophobia of the conservative right and of those who would use religious extremism as a weapon to gain power for the few and take power from the rest. Those who seek to profit from our deaths hope we will forget who our real enemy is, and blame Muslim communities instead.

That's right, it was a hate-filled, homophobic, white supremacist that shot up the rainbow. As Dreher deftly puts it, "In case you didn’t notice, Omar Mateen, an Afghani-American radical gay Muslim registered as a Democrat, was really a right-wing, gay-hating, white conservative. No, Black Lives Matter isn’t crazy at all."

A Typical Patriarchal White Supremacist

Sitting here, on a pile of ammunition crates, fishing rods, deadly assault rifles and Bob Geldof voodoo dolls, it strikes me that our discourse, in what's left of Western civilization, has become insane. There's something hellish about that.

Time to Texit,