Saturday, January 9, 2016

Primates Meeting 2016

As everyone knows, the Primates of the Anglican Communion are meeting together next week at Canterbury Cathedral in an attempt find a way forward for the world's third largest denomination. 

It's a bold call, because the Communion is home to two irreconcilable points of view, or religions, even. Archbishop Cranmer describes the two factions as Eloi and Morlocks.

On the one hand, there's the libs, who've taken over Western Anglicanism. Their version of Christianity means championing priestesses, gay marriage, abortion, gender transitioning and fighting the Weather. They think Islam is a religion of peace and their leader is the Episcopal Church (TEC), which is richer than a trainload of Nazi gold. They represent a shrinking 20% of the Communion. Gavin Ashenden describes them as cultural Marxists.

Then there are the provinces of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) and the Global South, which stand for biblical orthodoxy, at least as far as marriage is concerned. For them, Tracy shouldn't marry Stephani, and Darryl shouldn't leave Paula to shack up with Kevin and become a bishop. These represent 80% of the Communion and are primarily African. They take a dim view of lesbian bishops and want the gay West to repent; if it doesn't, they're threatening to leave the Communion.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who's taking time off from hustling for spare change outside Detroit's Cobo Hall, wants to re-imagine his non-Communion in such as way as to allow these two polar opposites to live together. David Virtue doesn't think he has it in him and likens the upcoming Primates Meeting to a battle of Britain 2.0. But what do I think, so-called "LSP"? 

For what it's worth, I think the fight within Anglicanism, which mirrors that in society at large, will be overtaken by three things: militant Islam, the visceral hatred of secular left nihilism, and financial collapse.

Is that alarmist? I hope so, and in the end, there will be one church, visible and militant against the enemy. I doubt that will be based out of Canterbury.

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LL said...

Keep us in the loop.
(I'm eating popcorn)

Mattexian said...

Primates, huh? Not my circus, not my monkeys.

LL said...

noun pri·mate \ˈprī-ˌmāt or especially for 1 -mət\

Simple Definition of primate
any member of the group of animals that includes human beings, apes, and monkeys

Technically, that would include Moorlachs

LSP said...

Thanks for the definition, LL, and for pointing out the Morlock issue. Stay tuned for fun and games in Canterbury this week.

LSP said...

You're doubtless well out of it, Mattexian, but the problem's endemic, sadly.