Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rimfire Roustabout

You've got a brand new Ruger American Rimfire sitting at home and it looks good, no doubt about it, but does it shoot? I took mine to the range with two other rifles and a Blue Heeler, to find out.

I Love The Range!

Blue Plinker thought this was a pretty neat game and jumped for joy, literally, when he saw me laying out the rifles on the bench. He had to be relegated to the shooting house after that; he will try and catch bullets with his teeth.

Big Rectangle = 3 Rounds

I started out with iron sights at an easy 30 or so yards, prone, and the new Ruger went first. It was fun to shoot and performed flawlessly, producing one of the the best groups of the day, 3 rounds in pretty much the same hole.

The Higgins did well too, and is certainly capable of good accuracy, though its trigger's heavier than the Ruger, and the old gun doesn't always feed too smoothly from its 17 round tube magazine. It was fun to move up to the more powerful, and more expensive, .17 HMR, a hot little round. 

After proving to myself that I could still shoot with iron sights, I scoped up the new Ruger with a cheap fixed 4 power optic, which came off the .17 HMR, and dialed it in from 50 yards. I used my coat as a rest, being a ballistic scientist. When paper got boring, it was time to shift fire onto a different enemy, old Gatorade tops.

They didn't stand a chance! Breathe, squeeze, off flies the florescent plastic top. Big fun. A tin can got itself in trouble, too. Take that, can, and Gatorade tops.

Good Work, Gun

All this proved that the wood stocked Ruger American Rimfire .22 LR works just fine. I think I'll adjust the trigger pull downwards a bit to 3 1/2 pounds or so, and take it out again with a Lead Sled for a more scientific dial-in at 100 yards. I'll also have to get a new scope for the .17 HMR, but that's a different story.

And so is open carry. The more CHL holders I talk to, the more the song remains the same. I don't want anyone to know I'm carrying, that's what they say.

Shoot straight,



LL said...

Blue Bullet Sponge likes to be part of the action! It's in his blood.

I take it that you are using the same range and that the pipeline construction didn't take it out?

Anonymous said...

Primates meet at Canterbury, LSP gets some range time. Are these two events in any way connected?

Fredd said...

So, you have a 'shooting house? I'll bet you own a zillion houses, Reverend. Must take a lot of elbow grease to keep the all clean.

I, too, am a home owner, but I own ONE home....

LSP said...

The same range, LL. The pipeline just missed it, fortunately. The dog loves gunfire...

LSP said...

That's classified, Anonymous.

LSP said...

I don't own any homes, Fredd, despite my immense wealth. But I do have a Eureka Airspeed One. Like your magnum, it doesn't have a safety and it gets the job done.

When do you move to Texas?

Anonymous said...

Good shooting! there is something so satisfying about hitting a small target like Gatorade tops. I use empty shotgun shells, or old tomatoes from the garden. That's a nice rifle you have there.

LSP said...

Thanks, Bread and Bullets. The new Ruger's a neat little rifle, some call it a "game changer"... I like to shoot shotgun shells too!

Fredd said...


We are lined up to buy a 5 acre lot in Kerrville in March (in 'The Hill Country'). Then we build our opulent mansion. Then we move to Texas. The time frame is not quite set, other than the closing on the property.

So, in answer to your question, oh Immensely Wealthy One, "I dunno."

LSP said...

Kerrivale seems a very pleasant place to build a mansion. Hope everything goes smoothly.

Fredd said...

Pastor: we're looking for a proper English butler. Know any Brits laying about the Kerrvillle area that need a gig catering to fabulously wealthy Yanks, who have more money than brains?

LSP said...

As befits a man of means, you're looking for the ONE butler. I don't think you'll have much problem finding one in Kerriville, but watch out for "Gentleman John" -- he's probably out of jail now an could well be chancing it in the San Antonio area.


Forewarned is forearmed.