Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's The Dyslexic Deacon!

The Dyslexic Deacon's back and he's back in force, reporting on the recent primates meeting in Canterbury. Over to you, Deacon.

Saucies closed to APB Justsin Wobbly have leaked a seekret reprot on the Naglican Conunuim. '38 Shades of Gay' reveels how conversative FAGCON prymates suckcessfully censered ACUSA (TEC) homosectual weddings at the resent cumming together in Cant A Becket. In the Indrotuction APB Justsin apollogises for the Conunium's phomohobic passed and looks forwood to censering homosectuals in the Cherch of Negland.

Thanks, Dyslexic Deacon, keep it coming!



LL said...

I can tell from his look that he'd be an excellent intelligence officer for the DLC. Get that man a horse and a saber.

LSP said...

You know what they say, if the face fits...

frank said...

Padre Lone Star
I've followed you on & off for several years now; I enjoy reading your comments on the liberal drift of the Church of England. As a Texan, I also like your outsider views on us.

However, I have wondered for a long time what connection you have to Hawkwind? I was a big fan in the 1970s, but in the US they were a pretty obscure band. I assume you were a young lad in the UK back then, and they were bigger over there, but still, it has been a few decades and I have to think there is something more than a taste for the hippie imagery of those guys.

Stay well.

LSP said...

Thanks, Frank. I enjoy a bit of Hawkwind now and again, though they were a bit before my time.Still going, remarkably...