Saturday, January 2, 2016

Go Out And Get a Hat, in Calgary

After a short blast of living the downtown Calgarian dream, I fell back to Inglewood, which is nifty little neighborhood near the center of town.

Random Fridge Magnet -- Note former Detroit Mayor, with "entourage"

Inglewood's alright, it has shops, pubs, restaurants, an army surplus and Calgary's world famous barber gunshop. That's right, a gunshop that's also a barber, so you can go in there and get your hair cut and buy a gun. I'll go next week for a cut, it's a tradition.


As I walked around crunching my way through the snow, I noticed it was getting warmer, considerably so. It seemed like a Chinook was moving in, giving respite from the subzero, freeze your hair cold.

Your Old Pal

That meant a trip to the Chinook Center Mall, on McLeod Trail. I bought a hat from Lammles Western Store; it's a "Justin" and I wasn't able to get one in the right size or color in Texas. Well done, Calgary. You are a hat solutions provider.

Stay on the horse,



Adrienne said...

Nice hat, LSP. You look stunning...

LSP said...

You're very kind.

LL said...

It sounds as if Calgary isn't all that much different than Dallas.

Michael Peterson said...

When I lived in Medicine Hat I bought my cowboy boots from Lammles. Nice store. They did a lot of business from British Army squaddies buying western gear at the end of their exercises on the prairie.
HNY, cowboy.

LSP said...

There's definitely a commonality of spirit, LL. I like Calgary.

LSP said...

I liked it, Padre, and they had the hat I wanted. Well done, Lammles. HNY!

jenny said...

The hat suits you. I liked last year's bear hat, too. Calgary does seem to do well as a hat solutions provider!