Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Whatever, Hippy. Gun Rights.

A few years ago I told an English friend that I enjoyed shooting and supported the 2nd Amendment, unlike, say, the repellent Piers Morgan. My pal looked at me like I was a crazed snake-handling fascist redneck, who had gone native in a bad way.

Hated NWO Shill

"That's so backward," sneered my buddy as he sipped green tea out of a biodegradable cup, made out of re-purposed, sustainable  hemp mash. "Whatever, hippy," I replied, toying with a razor sharp kukri, "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6, and while we're at it, what're you going to do when ISIS shuts down the Tower Hamlets Trans Theater Collective? Go whining to the Sharia Police? Yeah, good idea."

This Store Didn't Get Looted

But seriously, why do you think people are arming up and stockpiling ammo? Why are people looking at off-grid solutions, and laying in food? 

This Store Did

Because cities like Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, New York, and Baltimore, to name just a few, aren't a few steps away from breakdown? Or because a financial system based on infinite debt and accordingly infinite growth, is somehow viable? Or maybe you feel safe in a society that has lost its ethical moorings to such an extent that it actively funds an organization that sells baby parts.

Crazed Looter

In the meanwhile, the FBI has seized Hillary's private server. Maybe she'll go down, like the video producer she framed. Maybe, and maybe the IRS will get disbanded. Don't hold your breath.

Gun rights,



LL said...

You know, it's funny that your friend said that, because I was going to suggest the same thing. From English squire, loafing around all day, lording it over the tenant farmers (and throwing them off the land if they didn't have pretty daughters who submitted to prima nochte) you have turned into a pistol and rifle toting, horse riding, bible-thumping, witch hating, crazed snake-handling fascist redneck, who has gone native in Texas.

Then again after meeting your mother, who could likely swing a saber better than you can, and finding that she shares my politics, I don't know but what it was simply the stronger Texas Comanche fighting genes winning out.

Neither would I want to have to face down an angry (armed or unarmed) Aunt Katherine or Aunt Bitty Woo...

Adrienne said...

Good grief. So many issues to cover.

1. Piers Morgan and his prissy little mouth.
2. green tea (and soy lattes, too)
4. Sharia
5. Waddling around with your rear patoot hanging out
6. Hillary's emails
7. FBI
8. IRS

Did I miss anything? I need a nap...

jenny said...

I'd say you've gone native in the finest way possible.
Carry on.

LSP said...

KPH & BW armed, unarmed, and dangerous? Terrifying prospect, LL!

LSP said...

Sorry, Adrienne, but you missed the finance/debt issue. It was an omnibus post...

LSP said...

Thanks Jenny, I'll follow that advice.

Brig said...

I'm right proud of you Padre. Keep up the Lord's work, and thank God for Bitty Woo!