Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Anglican Communion Partners Caught on Camera?

Disturbing game camera footage reveals a spectral image that appears to be the Anglican Communion Partners.

Unsuspecting hunters set up the camera in the hope of spotting a trophy Buck, but when they examined the camera's digital images they discovered a wizened, ghostly shape, wearing the robes of a Anglican clergyperson.

Anglican Communion Partners?

"I am one of those true hunters who love tracking down and hunting my prey," said Daren Steele, "I usually don't rely on the cameras to hunt. I use skill and training so I can claim my prize trophy, but this time we used a camera. Imagine the surprise when we saw the Communion Partners!"

Others believe the image is a fake, and that the doomed Communion Partners have died and gone to Limbo. 

Anglican Communion Partners or Fake Ghost?

According to one paranormal expert, "Sure, it looks a lot like the Communion Partners, trying to frighten people in the woods, but it's just one of those apps you download, which puts a fake ghost in your pictures. Or maybe it's photoshopped. Everyone knows the Communion Partners are a dead and buried Minority Report."

Running Scared

Are the Communion Partners dead and buried? Or do they wander the earth, wraithlike, attempting to atone for their failures on the earthly plane?

The Anglican Communion Institute was unavailable for comment.


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