Saturday, August 8, 2015

Get Out And Shoot

Some people think that Texas is quite hot in August and perhaps it is, but that doesn't mean you can't go out and shoot, which is what we did.

There was skeet.

And more skeet.

And then some more.

Until the shotgun needed some surgery. Gun fixed, we shot some more of the clay opposition, then turned to the ARs and blasted away.

Green terrs down, the shoot concluded with a bit of pistol action, and that was fun too.

So don't be a pathetic lib, get out and shoot, even if it is 150 degrees in the shade.

Congrats to the kids, they shot like champs.

Gun rights,



Mattexian said...

Think the recruits will eventually add rifle scabbards to their horse tack?

LL said...

The last time that i was there at the DLC training ground, it was all green and the truck (almost) was stuck in the mud. It just goes to show that there is never "enough" training and the regimen goes on in balmy weather and blistering heat.

LSP said...


LSP said...

Right, you can't stop training just because it's a bit hot. Or chilly.

jenny said...

The long pants, hats, and boots were necessary components for avoiding hypothermia, as well as constant movement. I'm relieved to hear y'all survived the cold snap out in the fields.

LSP said...

It was quite chilly out there, Jenny. Good thing we were prepared.

Brighid said...

Looks like you and the boys nailed it, Padre!