Thursday, August 13, 2015

Go Out And Get A Glock

Long story short. I stopped sitting on the fence like some kind of pathetic CofE agnostic, and bought a Glock, a Glock 21 Gen 4. Why? Because it just seemed right. 

Well Done, Chaps.

Waco's helpful, friendly, enjoyable, and "don't talk down to customers" Fun Guns provided the weapon at a better price than the big box stores, like Cabela's. Thanks, Fun Guns, always a pleasure to do business.

Panzers Roll! On the Moon

The pistol comes in a neat, Liebstandarte on the Moon, plastic box, advertising the brand, Glock. You open it up, like it's Christmas, and sure enough, there's a Glock with three thirteen round magazines, several alternate backstraps, a cleaning brush, and a lock. Just as advertised. There's a manual, too, and lots of gun safety flyers. Well done Glock, every gun is a loaded gun.

It's All In The Box

Out of the box, the pistol fits the hand like, well, like a Glock. But listen up, a Gen 4 Glock, which seems to have better ergonomics, at least for me, than previous iterations. Unsurprisingly, the gun strips down easily enough, a right miracle of Austrian engineering simplicity, and has an enormous recoil spring.

Enormous Great Austrian Spring

Apparently there's mixed opinions about this, but Hickock45 doesn't think it's an issue and I'd imagine it makes for easier shooting.


We'll find out tomorrow, when the pistol gets range tested against the PX4 Storm. Same caliber, different pistols. Who will win, Austria, or Italy? Maybe, in the end, Texas will win, but that's a given. Obviously.

Shoot straight,



LL said...

I have an even stiffer recoil spring, optimized for .45ACP+P ammo... And a titanium guide rod, that are after market to my Gen 1 Mod 21. You need to play with it and put a few thousand rounds through it and get a feel for the stock weapon with different types of ammo before you consider tinkering with it.

Lukeya said...

Iron Sky Padre, Iron Sky

LSP said...

Interesting mods, LL, and maybe I'll get into aftermarket parts. But for sure, get to know the weapon first.

LSP said...

What can I say, Lukeya. On the moon.

Brighid said...

People get so attached to one gun...
not me, I shoot across the spectrum of Sig Sauer.