Thursday, August 27, 2015

Anglicans Meet With Patriarch of Moscow

Archbishop Foley Beach, leader of the traditionalist Anglican Church in North America, (ACNA) headed up an Anglican delegation to Moscow this week, where they met with Patriarch Kirill.

Big Membership Success

Kirill, who is the Patriarch of Moscow and Russia, greeted the delegation warmly, stating:

"Your church went through a very difficult period of its history, and the faithful took courage and had the ability to respond to a great temptation. There are two models of the behavior of the Church and of Christians. One involves obedience to the secular power and the powerful forces that have an impact on social development. The other model involves the ability to speak the truth and to remain faithful to the Christian message."

I'd say that was right on the money.

Epic Membership Fail

Approximately 1000 churches have been built in Russia every year for the past three decades. By contrast, the Episcopal Church, which is aggressively obedient to the secular power, has lost one third of its Sunday attendance in the last 12 years. 




LL said...

Some of my closest personal friends are close personal friends with Patriarch Kirill. I can arrange a meeting if you are ever inclined to go there. They are friends that I made in my sojourn in Greece and at Mt. Athos. Once you're "in" at the Holy Mountain, and you have credibility there, it's amazing what other doors open for you. I was on the phone with a friend from there two days ago.

LSP said...

I'd love to go to Athos and a meeting with the patriarch would be good too.

Quite a crew, the Orthodox.

LL said...

They have a very serious mojo going.

LL said...

I've never seen a female priest, bishop or patriarch in the Greek Orthodox Church... even though I'm sure that Katherine Shorri would be able to grow a respectable beard if she just stopped shaving.

LSP said...

The Boy Bishop doesn't let femininity stand in her way, does she.

LL said...

In our politically correct, gender-confused society, who knows what is he or she. For all we know, the Arch Bishop may look like a female house elf, not a male one. Can anyone tell the difference between female and male house elves?

LSP said...

I've heard that Obama is a House Elf. Is Obama a man or a woman? No one seems to know. Michelle is a man, obviously.