Monday, August 17, 2015

Don't Let Kids Touch Guns!

Don't let kids touch guns like they're toys, because if they do, someone's likely to get hurt. No, teach them to shoot, instead.

And that's what we did after Mass on Sunday. Blue Ballistics came to the range too, and got progressively more excited until he had to be tied to a post.

The boys shot well, mostly off-hand at 50 yards, unleashing the power of a couple of battle rifles against several silhouettes. 

They were also reminded of the principles of marksmanship, gun safety, and range discipline. Finger off the trigger, safety on, muzzle down range. Do not shoot until you get the command, etc.

After blasting away we drove to Dallas, for steak. Tasty as you like and then some. So a good day was had by all, although when a young 'un attempted a sleight of hand over a game of Canasta, his Grandmother threatened, "You better behave, or we'll chain you to the Obama tree!"

Quite a threat,



LL said...

Firearms safety needs to precede all firearms handling. Eventually that training becomes simply how they behave every time that they pick up a weapon. I would suggest that edged weapons of all sorts require the same sort of care because they can hurt you. People have to learn to operate cars and computers, etc. Weapons are simply tools in that class.

You need to teach young master Heidt to play three-card monte...sort of the card version of the old shell game.

LSP said...

Safety rules. Good monte tip.

LL said...

Now that the boys have gone back to Canada to start school, you're going to miss them.

LSP said...

Very true.