Tuesday, August 25, 2015

You Fixed it, Does it Work?

Because it was Turnaround Tuesday after yesterday's great market meltdown, I figured it'd be a good idea to turn around one of the deadly assault rifles and fix its bolt catch assembly. And I did, what a turnaround! Or was it. I took the rifle to the range to find out.

Lo and behold, the weapon performed flawlessly, unlike the stock market, which decided to turn back around again. I guess that wasn't fixed.

My shooting was alright, but nothing special. When I did my job, which was part of the time, the rifle shot touching, or nearly touching, groups from 100 yards with cheap value pack .223 ammo. So I can't complain.

Learning to Shoot the Glock 21...

To make things even better, clouds rolled in with a cool breeze and it threatened to rain. It didn't, tantalizingly, but still, it was half way there and that wasn't bad. I closed off the shoot with a quick blast on the Glock 21. I like that pistol! With a bit of work I might even get good at it.

I love getting out in the field with guns; just you, the firearms and the countryside. It's peaceful, apart from the explosive fire of the weaponry, obviously.

Dove season soon and I'm looking forward to that. I'm not so sure I'm looking forward to the implosion of our financial system. But that's a different story.

Be prepared,



LL said...

Meltdown or not on Wall St., you did well.

LSP said...

It was a good day. Happy I fixed the gun...

Mattexian said...

Is that the Love's truck stop near Waco? My ex found a very pretty embroidered t-shirt with a Sheltie on it while there, many, *many* moons ago.