Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hillary For Prison

Hillary for prison? Yes, please.

Hands Off Huma, Hillary

Maybe she'll try and pin the blame on Huma, like some sort of scapegoat.

Goin' Down, We Hope

But look, Huma has enough on her plate. She's married to the repellent Weiner. So don't get blindsided by Hillary's traitorous, throw your girlfriend under the bus PR.

Hillary, You Go First

No. Send Hillary to jail, first.

Your Friend,



LL said...

I find it interesting that Hillary and "the repellant Weiner" both share Huma... That bad taste alone should disqualify Hillary for the presidency.

LSP said...

Don't get me wrong, all I'm saying is that Hillary should go down first. Then the scapegoat and its partner, Weiner.

Fredd said...

Yeah, Reverend. It couldn't hurt to slap Huma behind bars at Rikers Island for perhaps 7 to 10. You gotta know Huma's as dirty as Hillary.

Sleep with dogs, you get fleas. And whether this analogy is far fetched is up to debate...

LSP said...

And why isn't Weiner in jail?