Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thank Christ For The Bomb

70 years ago today we unleashed nuclear heck on Japan, after that the Rising Sun didn't look so bright.

Call me an eccentric man, but maybe it's a good thing we got there first, as opposed to the Fuhrer, or Stalin, or the Emperor himself.

Some compare Texas in August to an oven. For goodness sake, it's only heat.

Riding tomorrow.



LL said...

I hope that you enjoy your ride. If I were you, I'd saddle up at sunrise.

LL said...

It was in the low 80's here today when I rode my Ducati around (CA urban equivalent of a horse), which is about the same as 108 in Texas...right?

LSP said...

Reports from Dallas said 109 in the metrosprawl -- it was maybe a little cooler in Waco, where we managed to saddle up by 11.00 am... Good ride though, despite the heat.