Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mr. Mojo Rising

The West hates and sneers at Russia's strongman, former KGB Colonel, Vladimir Putin, and no wonder, he stands for everything that our ruling power despises.

Putin Loves BBQ

He likes BBQ, he's a Christian, he shoots, he rides, he tranqs tigers, he had the obnoxious Pussy Riot locked up.

How Pathetic

And he's not a Eurocommunist shill for the New World Order of Androgyny and strangely Eurasian sounding gender neutral pronouns, like zirs. You won't see a rainbow flag decorating the Kremlin any time soon.

A Girl Laughs as Putin Spanks Obama

Putin's also weirdly adept at foreign policy. Notice how Russia annexed the Crimea and steadily builds Novorossiya on its borders, all in the face of a Western backed neo-color revolution in the Ukraine. Remember how our sanctions and outrage were going to stop that? No, neither does Putin.

Putin is a Christian

All this puts American conservatives in a quandary. On the one hand, they feel bound to oppose Russia, after all, it's the enemy, dammit, a perceived and possibly real threat. But on the other hand, Putin's Russia stands for a lot they admire, such as a 13% flat tax, prayer in schools, a strong military, no trans bathrooms, and new legislation to radically restrict abortion. In short, a country that's emerging from decades of Communism into a nation that seems a lot less, well, red, than America and its one-time allies against the Soviets. 

Well That's Straight

So where does that leave us? With Obama, of course, and the millionaire socialists who are working away to re-engineer society into their own godless, baby parts selling image.

In the meanwhile, Putin works out.


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