Friday, October 10, 2014

General Theological Seminary Caught on Film!

In stunning new evidence that spirits of the dead, and maybe even demons, walk the earth, photos have emerged showing what appears to be General Theological Seminary. 

Shocking footage reveals "General" attempting to break into a house from its roof. In another, the long-dead seminary is seen emerging from a ruin, somewhere in Chelsea. In both photographs, the once-living seminary appears with its characteristic "evil glowing eyes."

Some commentators believe the strange entity is a pig or a dog demon.

"Personally, I'm not all that familiar with every rank of demon," stated one supernatural pundit, "but it somewhat looks like a pigs [Sic] head. So if there's any demon who represents any animals or a specific animal, like a pig,or dog, like others have commented on, that could be the demon."

Others are more certain, "It looks like a pig-dog demon, but it's just General Theological Seminary. The eyes are a giveaway. That place went to hell years ago."

The ghost demon of the once great seminary, "GTS", was last seen in Chelsea, New York City.



LL said...

Chelsea Clinton lives in NY City. That might be her, roaming at night on all fours, barking at the moon.

I personally think that the whole "Chelsea" thing is a clever diversion. Michelle Obama looks like that every night when she's out feeding on carrion.

LSP said...

Chelsea Clinton adds a whole new dimension to this story. Well spotted!

LL said...

I think that I need to go to exorcist school so that I can better spot these sorts of demons and attach names to them.

At present, I'm an amateur.

LSP said...

My thoughts entirely. Skills shortage.