Thursday, October 23, 2014

But, But, Is It Accurate?

Is it Accurate? That depends on the Knife.

How many times have you heard it? "Is it accurate??" says some plaintive shooter, looking at a gun he (it's mostly men) wants to spend a fair amount of change on. And it's not just the purchaser's fault. Cynical huckster gun shop salesmen, (they're mostly men) gull mug punters with promises of unnerving dead-eye shooting precision. "Man. This CZ is outstanding. It'll group on a dime. It's that accurate." They want their sale, of course, and the inexperienced shooter will learn soon enough that the gun's more accurate than he is. Or she is.

Get on the X, for God's sake.

My point is, the "accuracy" talk can get stupid and annoying. Shooter, get accurate by learning how to shoot.

Here's an excellent video from Hickock45 on the subject. 

Right on, Hickock and I'm jealous of your range.

Shoot straight,



Brighid said...

My gun is pretty darn accurate in the right hands, I on the other hand, need a bunch more practice to be consistently accurate.

LSP said...

Most of these guns are -- sometimes I am too... shoot on!

Brighid said...

what are your thoughts...

LSP said...

Some random thoughts: When I was a kid I used to take a Swiss Army knife, or some variant of that, to school. Lots of boys did and no one thought that was weird or bad.

So part of me thinks the whole "zero tol" thing is ridiculous nanny state leftist garbage.

Also, I like the Sikhs. Too bad there's not an army of them fighting ISIS...

On the other hand, if they're going to make a knife exception for this kid then maybe they need to revisit their "policy".