Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dallas Almost After Midnight

So what's it like, LSP, spending an evening in America's viral hotzone? Well I'll tell you. There weren't many people about for a Friday night in Bishop Arts. But there were some and one of them sneezed, loudly.

This caused Crystal, who waits tables and has a gold nose ring (real gold, mind you) to say, "Oh. Thanks for your Ebola!" The sneezer turned back to his Lone Star, appropriately chastened.

No Protocols Whatsoever

Also, the youngest of the LSP sisters raised an eyebrow when someone threw up onto the sidewalk from the front patio of the Oak Cliff Social Club. No protocols in place there, then.

Bolsa Was Empty

So we fell back to Bolsa, where it's safe, and found it empty. No one was driving south of the river from North Dallas, apparently, and maybe that's a good thing for the south. Self-quarantine.

But look here Dallas, and America. There's nothing to worry about because our President has told us that Ebola is "actually a difficult disease to catch," and that "we know how to fight this disease. We know the protocols."

Nothing To Worry About

I guess that's why a man from Liberia died in Dallas, three schools are shut down, two nurses are infected with the virus and God alone knows how many people have been exposed to this thing through sheer, mind-bending, deadly, incompetence.

On the positive side of the ledger, I was invited to a friend's ranch in West Texas for some long distance shooting and hunting. Off Mesas, thank you very much, and Lapua Magnum take the hindmost.




LL said...

At least there's no problem finding a place at the bar (even if you are sneezed on).

LSP said...

Definitely easy to get a drink... No problems there at all!