Thursday, October 16, 2014

Get On The Dove!

The day started pretty early, before first light, when I teamed up with GWB for a Sausage McBiscuit and a cup of coffee. The idea being to get some scoff before shooting dove. 

Home of the Sausage McBiscuit

I say "scoff", but English readers might be confused. The Sausage McBiscuit has nothing whatsoever in common with anything you would think of as a sausage, or a biscuit. It's more of a scone type of thing with a thin patty of spicy(ish) meat in the middle, that may or may not have some resemblance to sausage meat. American readers might be confused too. The Sausage McBiscuit has about as much resemblance to the real thing as the $1 McCheeseburger has to a real cheeseburger. But hey, I like both, even if they are entirely different "food" items.

Where's the Bloody Birds?

That aside, we set up in the traditional treeline and waited for the birds to fly. Sure enough, a couple flew in and GWB brought them down. Nice work. Then, as he was retrieving the birds, a cloud of the avian acrobats appeared out of nowhere and I blazed away, like a Flak Tower.

There weren't many fly-ins after that, so I went for a walk-about, saw a couple of bunnies, which I didn't shoot, and some dove, which I missed.

Shadow LSP

I consoled myself with taking the odd "shadow selfie" and generally being pleased that I'm not living in the Dallas "hot zone."

Just a few more days of dove season left, must get some more birds.




LL said...

No birds, no poppers.

And yes, the McBiscut has nothing to do with a proper sausage in a pastry crust of the sort one would purchase on the streets of Carlisle or Whitehaven.

LSP said...

Good thing I've got a few in the freezer...

LSP said...

Dove, that is, not real sausage biscuits.

jenny said...

The McBiscuit has nothing on the Sausage Burrito, which try as I might to recreate it at home, I always fail. I do not have the necessary chemicals.

LSP said...

Gotta love the Sausage McBurrito.

Of course any resemblance to food is entirely coincidental.