Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Zeroing in the Ruger American .17HMR

Don't get me wrong, I like open sights, especially the bright fiber optic front sight that comes with the Ruger American rimfire series. Still, I wanted to scope this beast up, on a budget, so I mounted a cheap but clear Hawke Optics 4x40 onto the ready-to-go grooves on top of the receiver.

By some strange quirk of providence, the act of mounting the scope seemed to count as boresighting too and the rifle wasn't too off from the get-go at 25 yards.

Using a tool box as a rest, for tip-top ultimate accuracy, I moved out to 50 yards and shot away at a silhouette until the little .17 HMR (Hornady, 17 grain) zingers were hitting pretty much where I wanted them to. Then I fell back to 100 yards and repeated the process. I used Chuck Hawks as a guide for zeroing at 145 yards. Here's what he has to say:

"A better way to zero a .17 HMR rifle is to put the 17 grain bullet 1.5" high at 100 yards, for a zero range of 145 yards. It would then hit about 0.9" high at 50 yards, 0.3" low at 150 yards, and 5.5" low at 200 yards. The maximum point blank range (+/- 1.5") of the cartridge would be about 165 yards, at which range the bullet retains about 90 ft. lbs.of energy, enough to remain effective on the smaller varmints."

I was impressed by the accuracy of the gun and the round and it obviously shot better than I do, but did it pass the Arizona Ice Tea test at 100 yards? Sure it did.

I enjoyed that so much that I think I'll have to do it all over again. Soon.

Shoot straight,



LL said...

The .17 round is fast and it loses mass in flight. The question remains how effective it is at ranges in excess of 100 meters. I'd be very interested in penetration through ballistic jell...if you're into going that far. It would be a good indicator of effectiveness against varmints in excess of 100 meters.

LSP said...

I'm new to the round but from what I've read it seems to work out to around 150 meters, albeit "blowy" in anything other than a still day.

I'll get some gel and check it out. Interesting exercise.

Real fun to shoot at any event and comparatively cheap.

And now I want a .17 centerfire... Sorry, delete "want", replace with "need."

jenny said...

"Arizona Ice Tea test" -- Ha!!

LSP said...

the very best test of all!

Brighid said...

Test on those ugh full Miller Lite cans. That stuff needs destroying...
't gotten to the range of late, as my shooting friend (with the range membership) is out of town...

LSP said...

Good idea! But surely you can get out on a friend's farm and shoot? (more fun than the range, as a rule...)