Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dallas to Declare State of Disaster

Amber Vinson, who treated Ebola victim Eric Duncan, called the CDC several times and was given the "green light" to fly from Cleveland to Dallas. Apparently her 99.5 degree fever wasn't a symptom of the deadly disease, except that it was.

Remember, they have this disease totally under control. Good thing it's not very contagious and isn't "airborne," except that it might be. That's why we aren't restricting air travel to infected countries. 

The phrase "gang of killer clowns" springs to mind.

See LL's post for reflection on the theme.

Hope you've invested in respirators.



LL said...

Note my blog (plz). That same airplane that carried the nurse, made 5 more trips before it was grounded. Do the people who sat in her seat know that they sat in the seat of a person with a serious ebola infection? Which of THEIR LOVED ONES are they inadvertently exposing?

Riddle me that one.

LSP said...

I hadn't seen your post but we must be thinking along the same lines... I'll update & link.

This is bad malfeasance. And I'm being polite.

jenny said...

Okay, at first I blamed the nurse for being a dunce.

But now...

"called the CDC several times and was given the 'green light' to fly" (!!!!)

... now I think it's time to move forward with plans for building a heavily armed compound out in the middle nowhere.

LSP said...

All about the Compound. Welcome aboard.

LL said...

IF the disease is allowed to mutate such that it's airborne, we will see some serious grief - and during the Middle Ages and the Black Death Plagues (that hit just about every generation for over a century) brought with it such timeless classics as "Ring Around the Rosie", which we still teach our children.

What will the ebola song be?

I hope that there isn't one.