Saturday, October 11, 2014

Texas is Great, but What About Austin?

Texas is alright. It's a God, Guns and Country Life kind of place, where you can still burn coal and wood in your fireplace and have a healthy distrust of big government and corrupt Washington croneyism. No wonder business is booming and people are heading south from all over America to live in Texas. Then there's Austin. Southern home of the hope and change Hive Mind. 

Here's what someone had to say:

"If you’ve never been to Austin, there’s a fair chance you’ve still heard about how strange a place it is. It’s true. There are lots of hippies, even more hipsters, people wearing clothes you wouldn’t put on your pet iguana, and people not wearing any clothes at all."

Get a Job, Thieves

And maybe you think that's all innocent and harmless? Think again, while they thieve your wallet and trash your backyard.

Hippies Trashing a Park in Austin

Don't get me wrong; some good people live in Austin. And that's why we're riding south, to liberate that city.

God bless,



jenny said...

Please note that the homeless hippie is at least playing a banjo (no doubt fantastically) and the freckled-legged guy is wearing shoes most humans could not walk in (towering stiletto heel height + unique spacers between little toes = mind-blowing).

Austin is clearly a city of remarkable talent.

LSP said...

Surely that's not you in that last picture!

jenny said...

I am also imbued with remarkable talent. What can I say?

LSP said...

Rock on.