Friday, August 21, 2015

Go For a Ride

After Morning Prayer and walking the dog I went for a ride, but first I got some coffee at H-Donuts. H-Donuts is run by Vietnamese, I think, and helps make up the rich tapestry of ethnic diversity that is our small farming community. Their coffee was strong.

Blue had fun playing with the other dogs while I caught a house and saddled up. The animal's an Arabian and stands pretty firmly for States Rights, which explains the saddle blanket.

We walked, trotted and did some reining exercises, and that was all good. Then I hosed the horse down and drove back to the cultural melting pot of the Compound, where a Mexican appeared and gave me some tamales; a dozen of them, cheese and jalapeno. Maybe he was illegal, maybe he wasn't, but I do know that the tamales hit the spot after an hour or so of horsing around.

I've resolved to ride every week, That is my plan.

Stay on the horse,


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