Sunday, May 17, 2015

Waco Biker Shootout

Rival gangs of Outlaws clashed in Waco this evening in a shootout that left 9 bikers dead and 18 injured.

The fight occurred at the Twin Peaks restaurant, where fighting started in a restroom, then spilled over into the bar and parking lot, escalating from fists and chains to gunfire.

Police were present at the scene, with one officer, Patrick Swanton, stating, “In 34 years of law enforcement, this is the most violent crime scene I have ever been involved in. There is blood everywhere. We will probably approach the number of 100 weapons.”

According to Swanton, bikers began shooting at police, “This is one of the worst gun fights we’ve ever had in the city limits. They started shooting at our officers.”

No police or onlookers were injured (thank God). The fight centered on the Cossacks and Bandidos gangs, neither of whom are known as charitable organizations.

I drive by that restaurant quite a lot, on my way to visit the sick, or Cabela's. 

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jenny said...

That's outrageous.
I second your thankfulness that no police or onlookers were injured.

Anonymous said...

Thank God you aren't a regular at "Twin Peaks"!

LSP said...

Minor miracle, Jenny. Then again, maybe the bikers were really bad shots. Either way...

LSP said...

You know, it's weird, Anonymous. I drive by TP a lot and you'd never associate it with bikers. Nasty run-of-the-mill mall sports bar? Sure.

Apparently not.

Adrienne said...

They sure know how to party in Waco.

LSP said...

That's for sure, Adrienne. But George "Steffie the Hobbit" wasn't among the victims of this crime, sadly.

Next time.

jenny said...

I've just read that apparently trouble has been brewing at that restaurant for weeks, but attempts by police to intervene had "been thwarted."
Maybe hosting "Bikers Nights" is not a great idea, TP.

LL said...

You never want to host a "biker's night" and invite members of different gangs. The result is predictable, which is why the officers were pre-positioned to move in when the bodies started dropping.

LSP said...

LL tells it like it is.

And bikers have bad taste. You wouldn't want to stop at TP Waco.

Owl21 said...

The media and cops really suck at telling the truth...

First, my family and I were at the Best Buy a few hundred yards away from the Twin Peaks. The police arrived after the fight started, once it was fully enraged, arriving just in time to assist in the shootout. Who did what and when, we shall never know, unless you still believe in real investigative journalism (if you do, I have a bridge over Lake Michigan I need to sell, cheap!)

The following was said by Sgt. Swanton: “What happened here today could have been avoided. . . . They failed and this is what happened,” he said, referring to the Twin Peaks local management.

Swanton repeatedly said throughout the day that law enforcement officials had asked for cooperation from Twin Peaks’ management and received none until after Sunday’s shooting.

So, a restaurant and its management are to blame, not the people who pulled the triggers? Are there no more people who have adequate critical thinking skills? Did anyone ever consider that maybe the business exists to serve customers (regardless of their ilk), with the thought that people should behave themselves? I have been to several Twin Peaks restaurants on business (client's choice) with bikers present, yet not arguments, fights, or gun play has occurred. THAT, is more normal.

When was the last time you heard of rival biker gangs shooting it out at a restaurant? Any restaurant? That's right, this is a completely uncommon occurrence! Why should Twin Peaks have thought any differently about this day? This was certainly not the first time these rival bikers had been here, with no fighting before.

Of course, this is normalcy bias. And it is normalcy bias that leads me to always be armed, because you never know when assholes are going to let their personality shine. Yet, without normalcy bias of some degree, we cannot conduct business out of fear that an asshole is going to be an asshole. No business equals no commerce. No commerce equals no economy.

So, Twin Peaks was in the business of commerce. And I am sure that said biker gangs, who regularly patronized the place spent large sums of money there. Would you kick out your patrons, the ones who kept you in business, simply because they might get into a fight? Hell, I am no gang member, and I might get into a fight if need be, as might you if the situation warranted.

Maybe, just maybe, the "management" had an off the books business relationship with the bikers. Hmmm, anyone think of that? Or maybe the "management" were bikers themselves? OOOoooo...critical thinking skills. Or could it be that said violent bikers had convinced said "management" that it would be more beneficial, "for the personal health and well being and business" of the management to not cooperate with police and to allow the bikers to continue to patronage the establishment? Damn! Maybe I should be an investigative journalist...?

Don't believe the BS coming out of Waco. The officials there are notorious for lying and corruption, and the media are complicit. The simple fact that Swanton would openly blame a business for the transgressions of individuals should tell the tale. Neither the business nor the management threw and punches, or pulled any triggers. They were simply trying to make money, and the cops need to blame someone.

LSP said...

I'm glad you and the family are safe, Owl. Be careful out there.

I thought the "TP management were to blame" line a little weak.

But the media are complicit in lying and corruption? Like little Steffie-the-Hobbit?

No, surely not.

Mattexian said...

I'm relieved none of my family up there was nearby, tho both cousins and their families, and an aunt and uncle, all live in town. I'd certainly be inclined to carry a sidearm if I had my CHL, tho at the rate the Lege is going, I'll just wait for them to pass Constitutional carry in the next session.

LSP said...

I'm looking forward to that, too, Mattexian.