Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Those of you who know, know that it's a big thing, rain at the end of July in Texas. I took a break from editing articles, supplying infographics and the high powered beast which is Indesign to have a look.

Beautiful. Silver rain was falling down upon the olde streets of Texas towne. Hey, don't get me wrong, Texas is awesome and a great state, a Republic in itself, but it does get a little warm. So rain was welcome, and so too was a cool breeze blowing in from the north.

Less welcome were reports of the predictable Democrat freakout in the House today as AG Barr attempted to testify before Congress. His crime? Being a FASCIST, obviously, and sending Federal police to defend Federal buildings in Democrat cities. How very totally Nazi.

Of course the shrieking demons are hoping for Kent State 2.0 and it hasn't happened. I'd say that shows remarkable restraint on the part of Law Enforcement. 

Let's see how the nation supports gangs of bomb-throwing ACAB hippies in November.




LL said...

I'm mad. I'm a human being!

Should I take a hostage?

(this is becoming my stock response to 2020)

Adrienne said...

We could use some of that rain, but not to be.

I can't keep up with all the rot going on. It's become overwhelming.

OT - but so far the Panhandle Health mask mandate is going nowhere (no wear?) No one is paying a bit of attention. Brings to mind "suppose you give a party and no one comes?"

Jim said...

All I can say is it's rather ironic that the side practicing Kristallnacht is calling others fascist.

Dad of Six said...

We've received 1.25" this week in our corner of SE Michigan. Much appreciated by all!

LSP said...

LL, I think it's clear. You must. They're yelling in Baton Rouge.

LSP said...

It's just insane, Adrienne. Have you ever witnessed anything like it? I haven't. As in, "How dare you send Federal police to protect Federal buildings, you NAZI!" I mean, what? Well we know what, the Dems, in their wisdom, co-opted the rad Left.

Good vote catching strategy #idiots.

Haven't heard about the Panhandle... I'll look it up.

LSP said...

It is a bit odd, Jim. But it's OK if the window smashers are commies. Even better if they're transsexual, commies of color.

The nation resonates well with that. Good November call, DNC.

LSP said...

DOS, I'm jealous! We had maybe 30 minutes of gentle rain. It was great, don't get me wrong, and it cleared the air. But still, send some our way.

SgtBob said...

I tell you what, few things beat sitting on front porch in a rocking chair or a swing, just watching the rain fall, or after the rain when the lawn is damp. People disagreeing on all just about everything. Think I'll just son this porch swing and watch the rain flow. My typing is erratic. I've got the old fashioned flu. Earlier trying to type "Chinese fortune cookie" my fingers went all out on "Chinese fortune coolie."

Beans said...

Rain, rain is nice, takes the heat out of the roof so when it cools off outside the heat doesn't get pushed into the building.

Yay, rain.

LSP said...

SgtBob, you're one hundred percent right.

Back before they improved the Compound (1980s) this house had a wrap around porch. I'd give a lot to restore that.

LSP said...

Beans, totally with you there!